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Promotional USB Flash Drives: A Glance at Classic Models

Since its arrival in the technology age, USB flash drives have been transformed into many shapes and sizes. For example, key chains, credit card, wristband, key shapes, custom objects and much more. However there’s nothing as simple and sobering as a classic USB design to enhance your branding experience. Classic USB flash drives are the most used storage drives of all times. These are typically of two types: Twister USB flash drive and Classic Style USB drive.

Twister USB drives contains a metal clip, which you can easily pivot, making it impossible to lose a cap like most standard USB styles. The good thing about these drives is there is no cap to lose, its convenient, durable and best of all economical for any budget. The pivoting metal clip displays your logo on one or either sides while providing a powerful and effective storage device for the clients. While the Classic Style USB drive is simple yet sophisticated and has a loop built into the shell casing to attach any accessory. The shell casing is constructed of hard plastic. Like Twister USB model, your logo can be imprinted on either side of the drive to best suit any promotional project. Both models are easily available in different storage options at very economical pricing. You can even purchase them online through a trusted dealer.

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