Wooden USB Twister

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Personalized Wooden USB Twister

Often duplicated however this version of the ever popular Swivel USB Flash drive is made of made from real wood. Clients can personalize the wooden USB  Twister with a laser engraved or imprinted logo.

The Wooden Twister USB flash drive is our hottest selling wooden USB drive. There is no cap to lose, its convenient, durable and best of all economical for any budget! The pivoting metal clip effectively displays your logo, while providing a powerful and effective portable storage device for your clients. Your logo can be laser engraved or imprinted, without compromising the natural look and feel of the wooden design.  Customers simply cannot go wrong with this wooden swivel usb drive.  This flash drive has stood the test of time, yet it remains the most popular promotional USB drive available.


  • Clip: Silver, Gold, bronze, Black, White, Blue (Additional fees may apply for PMS matched Clip color)
  • Wood Body: natural (maple), bamboo or redwood and walnut finish.

Imprint Options

  • Product Size: 2.5″ x 0.75″ x 0.35″ (50 x 25 x 15mm)
  • Print Types: 4-Color Printing or laser engraving
  • Imprint Location: Front & Back
  • Imprint Size: 1 ” x 1/2″ (25.40mm x 12.70mm)


Allow us to preload any marketing content, presentations, photos, videos or catalogs on the built-in USB chip.

Consider one of our premium packaging options to dress up your promotional gift.  Also visit our Facebook Page for more of our latest USB creations to inspire your next promotional campaign.

As with any USB Drive, we also offer a complimentary virtual proof to make your purchase decision easier.


25 reviews for Wooden USB Twister

  1. Caren Fawing

    This is a great product, the quality of the drive itself is surprising, but the metal part is a bit too loose and I’m afraid it will fall off. And if it does, the data remains unprotected, my logo is off and all I am left with is an ordinary USB drive. Let’s hope that will not happen.

    • Emma

      Hi Caren, thank you for your review. We are happy to hear that you’re satisfied with Wood USB Twister. Regarding your fear, our products are all made of durable and quality materials. So don’t be afraid that the metal part will fall off. It seems a bit loosen because this product is made to be user friendly in order to enable metal clip to twist and to make it easier to use . If you still have questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll gladly help you out. Best regards. 🙂

  2. Brian Feathersy

    You have great customer support. I often order from you, but this item is a top selling item in my shop so I just had to give it 5 stars.

  3. Albert Brockson

    It has unique design which maximizes the user friendly component. You open them up so easily due to metal twister. The wood feels real and the logo that we had them stamp in took the product to a whole new level. I would advise anyone who is looking for a complete and quality product to order this one.

  4. Zoey Johnnes

    This truly is a premium wooden USB drive. You can choose between a lot of memory sizes and you can personalize it by stamping in you logo. If you need something different, something that will make you stand out, you can comfortably order these.

  5. Kevin Coppser

    We have a quite complex logo and I dreaded a bit of how it will turn out. Yet again, you surprised me – the print is flawless! USB drive is exceptional as well.

  6. Yvonne Deller

    The product itself is great, but I have to applaud the kindness and professionalism of the USB Canada team. They will go out their way to give you what you want. They are very responsive and nothing is a problem for them. Once again, top product, but priceless people behind it.

  7. Oliver Tanders

    Ordered these for my clients and employees. It turned out that I will have to order again because my employees loved it so much that they took the most of them. Which is fine with me, because them and their families advertise my company while wearing these on their keychains. You offered me a great, personalized product that is useful and simple. 5 stars!

  8. Miriam Obers

    Fast delivery, everything came on time for our conference and it looked lovely. Thank you for being punctual and professional and for delivering a high-quality product.

  9. Jamie Vogler

    Placed my order without asking for a virtual proof and the product that came was gorgeous. It is what I wanted and needed, to the last single detail.

  10. Nate Pottew

    Very carefully designed, user-friendly product. This is the best way of delivering our offers to the clients after which they can keep the useful item and at the same time, advertise our company through the logo that is on the drive.

  11. Antonio Senders

    The virtual proof is truly the best way of making sure tht you are getting what you want. Also, it was a huge advantage that I could get some specific files uploaded on all of the drives so I can give them to my clients, carefree. Our logo looks absolutely amazing. Thank you!

  12. Matthew Connors

    This product is a must have. Customers like the wooden texture combined with modern, metal features. It keeps their data safe and is easy to use. You offer a variety of memory sizes so my customers can choose the one that fits them the best.

  13. Shon DeNoelle

    Applaud for an excellent design, very original way of combining metal and wood. We decided to ask for a virtual proof to see how the final product will look. After being very pleased with what we have seen, we decided to place the order. The product came exactly as previously showed. Our customers love the ease with which they can use it and the keychain feature.

  14. Ronald Hebrers

    People should think about the fact how their actions affect the environment and how important is a simple choice of buying an eco-friendly product. How great it is to contribute waste reduction. You have a truly high-quality product. The memory capacity is quite substantial; you have metal to protect your data and a design on which any logo looks good.

  15. Annamarie Juddenson

    Natural choice

    The natural, wooden color shades are gorgeous and the wood is really soft but strong enough to protect the data. My clients adore these USB key and my green logo looks so elegant on them. I will definitely order finished. And it turned out just amazing. My clients like this wooden USB key very much, it has a great amount of memory space and you can choose between various colors.

    Annamarie Juddenson
    [email protected]

  16. Julia Podders

    We are an environmental friendly company, so this USB drive is perfect match for our company and for our clients as well! It is made out of durable materials and can be customized with our logo. The best feature of this product is the fact that you have a ‘slider’cap and that it can be worn as a keychain,

  17. Annamarie Juddenson

    This product clicked at first sight. But, just to be careful, I asked for a virtual proof to see how it will look once it is finished. And it turned out just amazing. My clients like this wooden USB key very much, it has a great amount of memory space and you can choose between various colors.

  18. Galen Locker

    This is first USB drive that I can classify as environment friendly. The metal part can be recycled and the wood is a natural material. I love every single part of this USB drive, which is the reason I got it for my shop. It’s selling itself, indeed.

  19. Tim Focter

    Great USB drive! Thank you

  20. Victoria Elba

    This is an exceptional item. You have the bold combination of wood and metal that is both strong and fine at the same time. You have the design that requires no cap (which is often lost) and you have your logo engraved on top of it which is always a great boost for your marketing. It’s a brilliant product for a reasonable price.

  21. Peter Danstone

    What my clients love the most about it is that they can wear it as a keychain and that it is so simply designed. What I love the most about it is the gorgeous logo on it and fast data transfer. All in all, top quality product.

  22. Jack Butler

    I didn’t use this option before, but it is so good! It shows exactly how the final product will look, with your logo and everything. Awesome service, USB Canada, me and my customers appreciate it.

  23. Maia Ovells

    Very simple to use and designed with care. After getting my free virtual proof, I had no doubts about ordering this product. It came carefully packed and it was delivered quickly. Thank you!

  24. Mack McKenzie

    While with some other designs of USB drive you can go wrong, with this one there is no mistake. The combination of natural wood and metal is timeless and very appealing to the customers. This USB drive has a lot of memory sizes you can choose from and you logo can be engraved on it. It is a very popular item in my store, so I have to recommend it.

  25. Abbey Anderson

    Its simplicity is, if you ask me, its best quality. The design that requires no cap means this USB drive is more user-friendly and that there is no risk of losing the thing that is protecting your data. Also, you can wear it as a keychain so you always have it with you.

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