Wood USB Key

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Authentic Wood USB Drives

Using USB drives already saves paper, but when you choose a wood USB key model, you can help offset your impact on the environment even further.  Organic materials are back in demand. You can now reap the benefits in your promotional USB project by including a pure & natural image to your brand.

This stylish wooden custom flash drive has a magnet on the inside of the cap to keep it firmly in place while not in use. With the use of trendy craftsmanship, this wooden usb key add natural richness to your branding. This wooden USB stick works great for trade industries, health spas, photographers and other hospitality businesses.  Our wooden USB drives are popular with photographers & allow you to showcase your promotional materials, photos, or videos.


These wood USB keys offer all of the benefits of a traditional USB Flash drive, but with more flair and practical applications. This rectangular wooden USB stick is created from a real piece of wood.  It can easily be used to store your promotional marketing material, photos, videos or documents. The wooden USB key can be customized with your logo laser engraved or imprinted on 1 or 2 sides.

The wood usb drive can also be imprinted, engraved or customized with a special “burn” process for a truly natural look. You may personalize the exterior finishing of the Natural wood tones in either Walnut, Mahogany, Bamboo, or Maple.

USB Canada offers up to 500MB of FREE data loading so you can avoid the inconvenience and save time of doing it yourself.  As with any USB Drive, we also offer a complimentary virtual proof to make your purchase decision easier.


Accentuate your purchase with one of our hand crafted wooden gift boxes.  Be sure to visit our Facebook Page for more of our latest USB creations to inspire your next promotional campaign.

WU1 USB keys are now available in coloured shells. Choose from any of our pastel colours or custom pantone colours.

Order Minimum

  • 50 pieces

30 reviews for Wood USB Key

  1. Gavin Coppler

    A little disappointed. I was looking forward to these wooden USB drives and they do look exactly like the picture but the magnets that are supposed to hold the cap on were weak for some, so the cap falls off easily. Due to that I’m gonna have to give you 3 stars…

    • Emma

      Hi Gavin – sorry to hear about your troubles. Be sure to contact your account manager about this and we will either replace the defective units or issue you a credit on your next order.

  2. Hunter Govers

    This product is a must have. People like the wooden texture combined with modern technology. It’s a nice combination really. I prefer laser engraving to the print but all in all very impressed.

  3. Clare Dennings

    If you are a freelancer and you need flexibility combines with quality and great price, this is the product to buy! I love the design itself, the gorgeous pastel colors you offer and, of course, the fact that you can print my logo on them free of charge. Memory size is substantial, all in all, very nice USB drive!

  4. Wesley Kingenster

    I am in the business of making wooden toys for children and this… This is a perfect way of boosting the marketing of my company! USB drive is so appropriate, the wood is very smooth and my logo looks amazing on it! You also give option of uploading the data on them which I gladly took. Thanks!

  5. Irvin Seglew

    If you are looking for a simple, eco-friendly product, this USB drive is for you. It’s fast and good looking. Some of the specimens weren’t so soft and tender (the wood wasn’t treated properly) so the print looks bad on them. But the majority turned out very well…

  6. Fred Lowers

    This is a superb wooden USB drive, high-quality, acceptable price, I would recommend.

  7. Lisa Volders

    I am over the Moon because of your product. I was worried how our logo will turn out, but it came identical to the virtual proof you sent us prior the order. Exquisite item if you own a photo studio like us. Classy yet simple and so compact it will fit any pocket! Top product.

  8. Vanna Weller

    When you own an exclusive flower shop, you really need to show appreciation to your customers and invest in your branding. So, among other things, I got your pastel colored wooden USB drives on which I asked you to put our offer in digital format and, of course, our logo with contact info. The virtual proof looked more than okay so I decided to place an order and did not regret for a moment! You delivered an excellent product and for that I will order from you again.

  9. Hariette Aston

    We are jungle themed travel agency so these wooden USB drives were amazing fit for us. Our clients are very satisfied since we give one with each booked travel.

  10. Gunter Hommes

    You can even get a free preview of how your order will look. And they also offer free printing and storing a certain amount of data on every single drive. Which came in really handy, it saved me a lot of time. The drive looks like genuine wood and my logo turned out magnificent!

  11. Simon Wentley

    Excellent drive! Love the design, very subtle and original. We decided to ask for a virtual proof to see how the final product will turn out. Since we were satisfied with that, we decided to proceed with the order itself. The product came exactly as the virtual proof showed. Both we and our customers are content. We appreciate it.

  12. Jeff Sandorey

    Got these for my shop, both wooden and pastel colored and my clients are very satisfied. They sell great and a bonus is the fact that I could ask you to print something on them. Thanks for a good product, indeed.

  13. Elton Queners

    It made our visibility go up by 20% in the last quarter! We are very thankful for your professionalism and the fast delivery. The product itself is very appealing and works amazing.

  14. Brad Joli

    Particularly the design of this product. I love its simplicity and how it feels. The amount of memory it has is more than enough and the small magnets keep the cap from falling off. The virtual proof was the moment you had me convinced that this is the product for me.

  15. William Olpen

    Great quality! I’m a happy customer. Thanks

  16. Mandy Sharlton

    USB drive of highest quality. Delivery is fast and product is exactly as described.

  17. Edward Gorman

    Great experience working with USB Canada. Laura is fast and easy to work with. I was not sure about the quality at first, but when I receive them I had no issues at all. I will order again once i’m out of this batch.

  18. Diego Temoro

    Personally, I am very big on making smart environmental decisions, so choosing this USB drive came natural to me. But others should also consider the fact how much good are they doing just by choosing this product over the plastic one. How great it is to contribute to waste reduction. On top of all that, here you have a truly high-quality product. The memory works well, you have firm wood to protect your data and a modern design on which any logo looks good.

  19. Mia Gospers

    This is as eco-friendly as it gets when we talk about USB drives. This was the main reason I placed an order. But, since they came a week ago, I can say that their quality is top, they look and feel nice and they work fast.

  20. Ginnie Despers

    At least that is what my customers say. And since they are satisfied (and they come back for more), I just have to give you 5 stars 

  21. Imany Denvers

    When I saw the shade of colors you offer, I was hooked! The pastel colors are gorgeous and the wood is really soft but strong enough to protect the data which is on the drive. My clients adore these USB drives and my white logo looks so natual on them. I am so excited about this product, I will definitely order it again.

  22. Jennifer Carger

    Placed my order without asking for a virtual proof and in spite that, the finished product I received was perfect to the last detail. Thank you for making the impossible possible!

  23. John Banson

    Our company believes on making green choices, so this USB drive is perfect for our company as well as for our clients! It is made out of biodegradable material and can be customized with our logo or basic information. The great feature of this product is the magnet that is small yet strong enough to hold the cap on firmly, so it hold the cap on firmly. Two thumbs up!

    • Emma

      Glad to hear it John – thanks for the great review.

  24. Marco Regins

    I needed classy USB drives for my clients and an original way of delivering my final product. After a wedding and editing all those photos, it is a relief to have these lovely wooden USB drives with my logo. The newlyweds also like the design and the fact that all the photos fit on only 1 USB drive, since it has substantial memory size.

  25. Hannah Bunser

    This product appealed to me at first sight. In spite of that, I asked for a preview of how my desired print would look on it and it turned out amazing. When the product came, it was exactly like the preview I got from USB Canada which made me very happy. My clients love this wooden USB drive, the memory stick works great and you can choose between various colors, whether it’s the wooden brown or a pastel shade.

    • Emma

      Thanks for your feedback Hannah.

  26. Louis Benston

    This is one of 5 products I got from you and all of them are truly remarkable. Very durable, very nicely designed and very appealing in general. Thanks!

  27. Natalie Werser

    I was pleasantly surprised once my order came. The drive looks great, it is gentle to the touch and its capacity is surprisingly large! The pastel colors are mesmerizing. All in all, excellent product.

    • Emma

      Thanks for the positive feedback Natalie. Cheers!

  28. Lucinda Decan

    It stood out to me when I saw it, its made of real wood so it was perfect for our association. Environment is a crucial issue nowadays so I thank you for contributing to that important cause through this eco-friendly product.

  29. Hope Sallers

    I run an eco-friendly shop and this is one of my top-selling products. In the age of technology, people need good USB drives but they also want to reduce the waste. So they come to me and buy these products. And since I got eco slogan inscribed on them, they look even more attractive! Nicely done!

  30. Sam Powels

    Beautiful product! Keep up the good work and professional relationship you now have with your customers. It’s becoming rare these days.

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