Custom USB Type C

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The Custom USB type C flash drive design is offered exclusively by USB Canada. The Slider personalized flash drive features a unique capless design that utilizes a simple toggle switch to reveal or conceal the USB key or Type C connector. The toggle switch is positioned on the side of the device, providing 2 large surfaces with ample room for printing a full color logo, slogan, or website.

Thi 2 in 1 custom USB type c 7 slider flash drive provides the best of two technology worlds. The Type C Slider Flash Drive equipped with dual USB connectors allow for compatibility between the standard Type-A or Type-B, USB 2.0 and 3.0 interface and newer USB Type-C devices, without the need for an adaptor or cable.


The USB Type-C connector has already been adopted by Apple and Thunderbolt 3 (Intel), and will soon become the most used connector across all consumer electronic platorms.

Don’t be left behind by the newest standard. The designs of the new Apple MacBook, Google Chromebook Pixel and Nexus line of Smartphones will all feature the USB Type-C port. Put lightning fast power in the hands of your prospects, customers, and clients with this handy, customized USB 3.1 flash drive.

USB Canada offers 500MB of FREE data loading so you can avoid the inconvenience and save time of doing it yourself. Personalize your custom USB type-c drives by imprinting your artwork and/or logo on 1 or two sides.  As with any USB Drive, we also offer a complimentary virtual proof to make your purchase decision easier.

The nice thing about this branded usb key is that you can select either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 memory chip to power your drive. Select your USB memory speed according to how you plan to use the USB drives.

Production Times

Once you have confirmed the design for your type-c USB drives, or your custom usb type-c keys, we can get them to you within 7-10 business days including shipping time.


Consider one of our premium packaging options to dress up your promotional gift.  Also visit our Facebook Page for more of our latest USB creations to inspire your next promotional campaign.

Custom USB Type C

6 reviews for Custom USB Type C

  1. Oliver Preston

    I love this simple looking, yet state of the art machine  The type C blew me away. It has amazing design which is simple, yet modern with the slide technology and no cap. I would recommend it to anyone that prefers quality over looks.

  2. Craig Keating

    I particularly like the slider style of USB stick so I ordered a batch of these for promotional gifts. The quality was really good and the drives were really robust. Everyone was very happy to receive these sticks.

  3. Lila Denver

    I like the fact that you can customize it with a print and you can request for some data that is important to you to be put on all of them which is a great time-saver.

  4. Luis Derrsing

    If you’re looking for something minimalistic, yet good looking and practical this is a great product for you. Logo can be printed on them and looks really nice and the USB itself is easily accessible. Works great with my Samsung tablet.

  5. Rafael S

    A great practical give away that you can use at trade fairs or in your day to day contact with people. We chose the 32GB option as we wanted to give people something of real value. Most people will use this USB drive and when they do they will be reminded of you and your company. A very good idea for branding to a mobile/tech audience.

  6. Bennie K

    I didn’t really know what to expect with these USB sticks as an online photo never really tells the full story but when they arrived at our office I was very pleased. The logo printing was very well done and the sliders worked well. I am very confident that these will go down well with our clients.

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