Twister USB Flash Drive

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The Twister USB: Our Most Popular Model

The Twister USB flash drive is the best selling USB drive of all time. There is no cap to lose, its convenient, durable and best of all economical for any budget! The pivoting metal clip displays your logo on 1 or 2 sides, while providing a powerful and effective portable storage device for your clients. Your logo can be laser engraved or imprinted depending on your preference.  You simply cannot go wrong with this versatile swivel usb drive.  This flash drive has stood the test of time, yet it remains the most popular promotional USB drive available.

Add some style by requesting a coloured clip (red, white or black). The plastic shell colour can be any standard colour or any pantone colour as well in order to match your branding requirements.


  • Clip: Silver, Gold, Red, Green, Black, White, Blue (Additional fees may apply for PMS matched Clip color)
  • Body: Red, Blue, Black, White, Orange, Navy, Green, Yellow, Purple, Pink, or any PMS color

Imprint Options

  • Product Size: 2.5″ x 0.75″ x 0.35″ (50mm x 25mm x 15mm)
  • Print Types: 4-Color Printing or laser
  • Imprint Location: Front & Back
  • Imprint area:
    • 42x13mm Front Side
    • 24x13mm Reverse Side


Allow us to preload any marketing content, presentations, photos, videos or catalogs on the built-in USB chip.

USB Canada offers 500MB of FREE data loading so you can avoid the inconvenience and save time of doing it yourself.  As with any USB Drive, we also offer a complimentary virtual proof to make your purchase decision easier.

 Check out our packaging options to add some sizzle to your campaign.  Also visit our Facebook Page for more of our latest USB creations to inspire your next promotional campaign.

As with any USB Drive, we also offer a complimentary virtual proof to make your purchase decision easier.

Minimum Order

  • 50 pieces


27 reviews for Twister USB Flash Drive

  1. Emily Wardenss

    I would prefer if the colors were a bit different, these ones look a bit pale, but other than that – it is a very good product and its simplicity your clients will love.

  2. Carter Alexes

    This is a very good product, with great memory and fast data transfer. The keychain addition is so handy, but I am afraid that the product that came wasn’t the exact same shade that I ordered, so I was a bit disappointed. But, in spite of that, great product.

  3. Kaylee Gavin

    Fast delivery, everything came out looking (and working) perfectly! Thank you for being professional and for delivering a high-quality product.

  4. Robert Palamaro

    The memory capacity is quite substantial and the metal part protects your data. The print looks wonderful on it and the colors are so vivid

  5. Zoe Dylanwood

    Placed my order without asking for a virtual proof and the product that came was gorgeous. It is what I wanted and needed, to the last single detail. The colors are so vivid and peach, they look irresistible! I think my clients will love them

  6. Logan Brooks

    Very minimalistic designed with users in mind. This is the best way of providing our clients with the freshest offers.

  7. Jacob Jadens

    A big advantage for us is that we can have some files uploaded on all of the drives in our order. This saves us a lot of time since we get a ready-to-go product once delivered. Very professional relationship.

  8. Laurel Generos

    This is a basic type of USB drive only better looking. You provide us with variety of colors, memory sizes and printing options. You truly care about your customers and I appreciate that.

  9. George Coster

    The shades are gorgeous and the material that is made of is strong enough to protect the data. My clients love these USB key and my purple logo looks so elegant on them. I will order from you again.

  10. Justin Pommey

    It is made out of durable materials and can be customized with any time of information you desire. The best feature of this product is the fact that you have a twister cap and that it can be worn as a keychain,

  11. Regina Thesser

    Thumbs up for an excellent design – very original combination of colors. Our customers love the keychain feature and the large span of memory size. We will get another shipment.

  12. Otto Norgerton

    Like any other, we use a lot of promo material. This is one among bunch of them, but is the one our employees like the most. It is very simple to use, very fast and you got our trademark colors and logo exactly right. Thank you

  13. Bernard Smith

    If you choose the right colors, this product can look very elegant. We bought these as a small token of gratitude for our clients and white silver combination with our red logo looks amazing. Thank you for simple, yet efficient product.

  14. Kender Maras

    I have to say that this really is an exquisite product!

  15. Vanessa Vergel

    This is an excellent item, very durable and can be worn as a keychain. My customers like it very much, so it sells pretty well. The capless design makes it easy to use and the large amount of memory size is always a great asset.

  16. Morris DeVega

    At last I have found a product that offers more than 5 variations of colors and shades. Thank you for that! As a travel agency, we need colorful products to offer our clients. This one gives us the privilege of choosing the memory size wee need and between printing on one or both sides. You really give your customers maximum flexibility and you adapt to their choices the best you can.

  17. Paolo Fennini

    The colors you offer are not easy to find, I found a perfect ‘background’ for our logo. When the order arrived, our PR team was very satisfied, which is I believe the most important. So I wanted to come here and thank you for the superb product.

  18. Cameron Gens

    With up to 64GB at your disposal, there is not much you can’t put on this flash drive. I especially liked the option of printing on both sides of the drive. In combination with various color combination, this makes a perfect promotional material. We ordered more than enough for a fair we were attending, but at the end of it, not a single drive was left. And that was our goal, so thank you for helping us with achieving it.

  19. Vita Collins

    So simple to use, made with great care. My clients like this product very much, it’s very nicely done the way you can combine various metal and plastic colors and the way you can wear it as a keychain. The print you did was exquisite.

  20. Trevor Hamster

    While with some other designs of flash drive you don’t have much choice whit personalizing your order . The combination of various colors can produce a very attractive product. Personalize it with your logo or with uploading a certain amount of data on all of them. My clients are very pleased.

  21. Luke Vinstre

    These drives are very playfully designed and user friendly. My customers love them because they have quite big memory space, they are fast and they have a twister cap instead of the regular one. The extra bonus is wearing it as a keychain, so you don’t lose it. Ž

  22. Andre Liswell

    Its very simply designed, yet the colorful combinations makes this product stand out. Metal twister instead of a cap means this USB drive is more easy to use and there is less risk of losing it. Also, you can wear it as a keychain so you always have it with you.

  23. Delilah Sorres

    Your delivery is so quick and the description of the product is very accurate. I got exactly what I was expecting. Thank you!

  24. Joe Nevser

    I like the fact that you don’t have to place a large order, minimum is only 25 products so it’s amazing for small firms. You also get 5 year warranty and can customize it by choosing your color and engraving your logo on it. It is a great adversitment tool that doesn’t require a large investment.

  25. Patt Morsins

    Due to the choice between numerous colors and the option of printing in your logo, this is the cheapest way of advertising yourself. We got these for a fair we attended and they turned out to be very popular. Attractive colors and ease with which you can use it makes this flas drive very appealing to the customers.

  26. Gunter Mohers

    I am a demanding customer, to be honest. But your employees handled it without an< bigger issues. You provided me with the exact product I needed and with the exacd shades I wanted. My logo came out looking amazing thus leaving me very satisfied. Top service!

  27. Madeline Fenser

    You really surprised me with the variations and combinations of colors you offer for this product. My shop needs these kinds of spectrum to satisfy different clientele needs. So, without much hesitation, I placed 3 orders and they were a complete success! Thanks!

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