Twister USB Key

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Custom Twister USB Key

The Twister USB key II features a sturdy metal swivel and a rubberized plastic body that ensures durability. The possibilities are endless for this swivel USB flash drive. Make a key impression on your next promotion using a swivel flash drive branded with your logo imprinted on 1 or 2 sides.

Twister style custom USB drives are a lasting choice for your marketing campaign. These flash drives have a metal swivel arm designed to display your logo and replace the cap, and the rubberized finish makes them comfortable to hold. The Swivel USB key model also has a key loop so that you may carry your data with you wherever you go.


Allow us to preload any marketing content, presentations, photos, videos or catalogs on the built-in USB chip.  USB Canada offers up to 500MB of FREE data loading so you can avoid the inconvenience and save time of doing it yourself. USB Business cards are exactly the size of a credit card, only 3mm thick.  Personalize your USB Business cards by imprinting your artwork and/or logo on 1 or two sides.  As with any USB Drive, we also offer a complimentary virtual proof to make your purchase decision easier.

Imprint Options

  • Product Size: 53 x 17 x 13mm
  • Print Types: 4-Color Printing or laser
  • Imprint Location: Front & Back
  • Imprint area:
    • 42x13mm Front Side
    • 24x13mm Reverse Side


Consider one of our premium packaging options to dress up your promotional gift.  Also visit our Facebook Page for more of our latest USB creations to inspire your next promotional campaign.

Minimum Order: 50 pieces

34 reviews for Twister USB Key

  1. Sandra Sisneros

    I have purchased USB sticks from other companies but these twister sticks are the best I have ever tried for promotions. People really like them.

  2. Darius Duncan

    These USB drives were a good match for my budget. They do look good and work well but I wish that I had chosen a different drive which was stronger. None of the people I have given these away to have reported any problems but I just feel that a more solid drive would have been the better choice. The supplier is great and I will just choose another type of USB drive for my next order.

  3. Rosa S

    These USB drives are a very good idea but unfortunately I went with the wrong choice of color. It just didn’t go well with our logo. The folks that we gave the sticks to were really happy with them but I was concerned that our logo was not clear enough due to a clash of colors. This is my fault and I should have gone for the white option. I will order again and definitely make the right color choice in future.

  4. Justin K

    We went with the white color and 8GB combo and were really impressed when the drives arrived. Our logo was prominent and they were very popular at our event. We will definitely order again.

  5. Zachary

    These twister USB sticks are really good. The color options are great and so are the memory size choices. Great value for money!

  6. Joyce Leon

    It is not often that I award such high praise for a promotional gift but these USB sticks really went down well with the people that we gave them away to. Great job on the logo printing and the choice of memory sizes is excellent.

  7. Michelle

    When I received my batch of twister USB drives I was really happy as they fully met my expectations. I wanted a professional looking and practical gift that didn’t break the bank and that is exactly what I received. Great stuff USB Canada!

  8. Jane D Sanchez

    I went for the white color twister and 32GB memory. I had our logo printed on both sides and the USB sticks looked good.

  9. Kenneth Covington

    These USB drives are really great. Not only do we use them as promotional gifts but we use them in our company as well. The double sided logo printing works well and the range of colors and memory sizes is terrific. We will definitely go for more when our current stock runs out.

  10. Ashley

    In the past I have had people turn down branded gifts that I have offered them. But nobody has turned down these neat twister USB’s. A great way to get your company name in front of people because a USB stick will always be used.

  11. Boyd Core

    Forget about all of those other useless promotional gifts. You just cannot go wrong with these twister USB’s. My customers tell me that they use the drives all the time which is great as it keeps our company in their minds.

  12. Rowena

    It is difficult to say anything bad about these USB drives. The quality is very good and they work just great. It was difficult to make a final choice as there are so many options for memory sizes and colors. Our logo looked really good on these sticks as well. I would recommend them to anyone that wants to impress with a promotional gift.

  13. Ken Myers

    My boss asked me to find a great promotional gift for our next trade fair. I spent a lot of time online and finally found these Twister USB sticks from USB Canada. The photographs were impressive so I decided to order a batch of 8GB’s in black. I went for the double logo printing as well which was a good decision. My boss was really impressed with the USB sticks and now I have been invited to attend the trade fair too. Sweet.

  14. Kristi Seda

    There are many promotional gift ideas out there and I had never thought of using USB drives to get our name out there. A friend recommended these twister drives to me and I didn’t hesitate. The quality was excellent and they were well received by all.

  15. Mike Meehan

    Never before has our company used a more appreciated promotional giveaway as these twister USB sticks. Loved the choices in memory sizes and also the colors. We went for doble logo printing but single printing would have been enough. In the end we plumped for a 16GB size in red.

  16. Barbara Bailey

    I was really surprised at how well these USB drives were. They were exactly as described by the helpful person at USB Canada. I know that people are going to love receiving our 8GB sticks as a gift and that they will be used. I definitely recommend this product.

  17. Larry B

    I was very happy with the price I paid for my twister USB drives. It certainly did not reflect on the quality which was very good. You can go crazy with promotional gifts like these and spend a great deal of money. So I went for a batch of 8GB drives and I am happy with that choice. The people that we gave the drives away to are happy as well.

  18. Angela Madsen

    This is a great idea for a promotional gift. People get a handy USB drive with our company name on both sides of it. Really glad that I went for this product and I will be back for more.

  19. Jerry H

    I was looking for a good quality USB stick to give away to potential customers and I found this twister drive at USB Canada. It was a good choice and the price was very reasonable. Our logo on both sides as well and a lot of memory size options.

  20. Jane Watson

    We wanted to get the biggest bang for our buck with a promotional gift so we decided to go for USB drives as we felt that they would be used a lot. The twister drives were ideal for our promotions as we could giveaway a reasonable sized drive with our logo on both sides of it. We chose the 4GB option and the white color so that our logo would stand out. We were delighted when we saw the drives in the flesh.

  21. Brett Q

    It is hard to imagine a USB drive being fun but these twister guys are! We shared some of them with the people in our office and they are continuously playing with them and using them. I know that they will be a very popular gift with our prospects.

  22. Eric Haley

    These USB sticks looked great in the pictures on the USB Canada site and they look even better when you see them for real. They have a quality feel about them too. Nice range of sizes and colors and the option for double logo printing is awesome.

  23. Toya S

    This is really a no brainer. These little USB sticks are very stylish and the people that we have given them to so far really like them. I went for a 1GB option but now wish that I had chosen a larger size. Next time I order I will do that.

  24. Darlene Broaddus

    I was torn between three different USB sticks on this website. In the end I went for the twister as I thought that they looked really cute. Not only that but they really present my companies logo in a great way. People are going to love receiving these beauties!

  25. Herschel Moore

    People will always smile and thank you when you give them a branded promotional gift but if they think it is cheap and useless it will end up in the trash. These USB drives are neither cheap looking or useless. They are very practical and we decided on a large 32GB memory so that they could really be of value.

  26. Sally M

    I have been in marketing for many years and selected a number of promotional gifts for my company. I can say without hesitation that these were the best gifts I have ever chosen. I had no doubt that they would work because they are useful. We chose the top 64GB memory size because we wanted to impress our network. They were very impressed!

  27. Carol Simon

    People loved these Twister USB sticks when we gave them away at our last event. We had a lot of people visit our stand just for the chance to get one of these drives. Great quality and logo printing and excellent choice of memory sizes. Our next order will be coming soon.

  28. Bill Wille

    I was left with the responsibility of choosing a good giveaway for our next trade fair. I am new to this and someone suggested a branded USB drive. This seemed like a good idea to me so I went hunting and found your website. I really liked the idea of these twister drives and ordered a batch of them. It turned out to be a great decision.

  29. Tommy C

    I took a lot of time finding the right USB sticks to giveaway for promotional reasons and I am glad that I did. I compared many different providers and USB Canada had the best quality sticks for the money. I ordered a batch of twisters and these have been fabulous for our marketing campaign.

  30. Liz Kirby

    Awesome USB sticks. They look fine and our logo looks great too. Highly recommended.

  31. Jay S Reece

    It was really great to be able to choose from such a large range of memory sizes and colors. I wholly recommend these twister USB sticks.

  32. Pat Kinley

    I was a little reluctant to go for these USB drives but I am happy to say that all went well in the end. They are well made and people love them. Just what I wanted.

  33. Lynda H

    This is a really nice USB drive that is robust and looks good. We decided on one sided logo printing which was enough in our opinion. We also opted for the 16GB size as we thought that this would be the most useful for the gift receivers.

  34. Kim Lofton

    When you buy things online you can often be disappointed with the way that things turn out. But this was not the case with the twister USB sticks. They did everything that the company said they would do and they really looked the part as well. I was very satisfied with my purchase.

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