Tooth USB – U14

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A Unique Dental Marketing Tool

Personalize your dentistry profession by backing up your client’s dental records to a tooth USB for your practice or organization. The tooth shape USB is ready made, we simply need to customize it with your logo or name. A perfect promo item for dentists, dental related organizations and schools.

Launch a new dental product with an inventive design or custom shape flash drive. Preload valuable information about your product like brochures, catalogs, sell sheets, case studies and testimonials.  Inform medical professionals about product benefits, risks, and potential side effects.  As with any promotional usb drive order, USB Canada offer FREE data loading of up to 500MB of your digital content.


7 reviews for Tooth USB – U14

  1. Alethea

    This was one of those ideas that I was convinced would work but unfortunately they didn’t go down that well. Our logo looked really nice and we started to attempt to give away these USB teeth. Quite a few of our patients refused to take them as they felt that they were really for kids. We did give them away to a number of children but they are not the decision makers when it comes to dentistry.

  2. Bill C

    What could be better for a dental practice to promote itself? A tooth shaped USB drive seemed like the perfect promotional gift. The problem was that our customers did not take them seriously. One of them said that it was just a gimmick. We did manage to get a lot of these in people’s hands but I am not convinced that they are using them which really defeats the object of investing in them in the first place.

  3. Stacy Rosenfeld

    We are in the dental supplies business and I thought that these tooth USB’s would be a relevant gift for our customers to keep our name at the front of their minds. All I can say is that they worked reasonably well and did not have the impact that we were looking for.

  4. Matthew J

    I help a local dentist with his marketing and I came across these teeth USB’s and recommended them to him. He was a little skeptical but in the end I managed to persuade him to try a batch. His patients really loved them and he changed his website to say that all new patients would receive one. They worked like a charm.

  5. Roland Anaya

    People spend a lot of money with us on cosmetic dentistry so we wanted to give something back. These USB teeth drives seemed like a great idea so we went ahead and ordered some. Most of our patients were grateful to receive these gifts and said that they would use them. Overall I would score 4 out of 5.

  6. Phyllis

    We wanted to drive up the number of patients at our dental practice so we invested in these tooth USB drives. We went for a 16GB memory and gave them away to patients. We told the patients that all new customers would get one of these so please spread the word. They did and we got quite a few new patients. Great idea!

  7. Ed Haynes

    What a find this was. I wanted to provide incentives for people to visit our dental practice and these really did the job. They look great and people will use them.

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