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Personalize Your Paper USB to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Paper USB: Innovative technology that integrates paper print marketing with the digital world to help drive targeted visitors to your website or URL.

Simply detach the die cut Paper USB key and connect to a USB port and the default Internet browser will automatically redirect the recipient to your web content. Its truly the latest method to direct more targeted traffic to your website. Using an interactive die cut piece with a creative design to invite the recipient to check out your offer is just the curiosity you can use to grow your customer base.  Normally minimal memory is used since the idea is to simply redirect users to your URL, however higher memory chip capacity can be loaded to suit your needs.

There are so many ways that this concept can be used that we do not have enough room here to describe them all. Tell us your idea and we can make it happen for you.


Printed Brochure (2 – 4 panel folds )
Postcard Mailer
Direct Mail
Magazine Inserts
Business Cards
Credit Cards
Greeting Cards
Custom sizes & shapes

Compatible on Mac & PC.

Inquire now to get more details!

Production Minimum: 500 pieces

7 reviews for Paper USB

  1. Barbara P

    I thought that this would be a great idea for our next promotional event. I ordered a batch and everything looked good. The problem is that most people that came to visit us would not take these paper USB’s. I believe they didn’t take them because they knew that they were just advertising. Maybe our market just isn’t cut out for this kind of thing.

  2. Mary S

    I am always looking at ways to increase the traffic to our website. I saw these and thought that they would be a novel way to do that. The traffic that we generated with these was higher than we predicted.

  3. Mandy P

    When we ordered a batch of these for our trade fair we really didn’t know what to expect. They went very quickly and we got tons of hits to our site and even made some sales. Really great idea and I will use again.

  4. Mike McDonough

    I told my marketing director about these and she was very keen to try them out. We went for it and the results have been amazing. This is a simple but brilliant idea.

  5. Shannon Short

    I had never seen this idea but I understand it has been around for a while. I decided to go for it and I will say that the results were good. We got a fair amount of web traffic from this promotion and I think that the idea is sound.

  6. Pam Biller

    We went for these paper USB’s in a fairly big way hoping that we would get some solid website traffic. Unfortunately we did not hit the numbers that we wanted and all I can say is that our results were average. I am wondering if the marketing message we used was not persuasive enough or maybe people just don’t want to plug these promo USB’s into their computers.

  7. Harry M

    I seriously had no idea how well these would go down with our customers. We had never used a paper USB approach before so we had nothing to measure it against. Well we gave away quite a number and overall the results were good. We didn’t hit our traffic target with these but came pretty close to it. So I will give this product 4/5 stars because we nearly got there.

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