Magnetic Snap Box

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This frosted plastic case is fitted with a magnetic clasp to keep your flash drive safe. A foam insert fitted to the style purchased also adds value to presenting a USB as a gift and also protects it while being transported.

4 reviews for Magnetic Snap Box

  1. Oscar Gasser

    The plastic that this box is made of is too fragile, breaks easily and doesn’t protect the USB drive as well as it should…

  2. Angie Owens

    If the box had more imaginative design or there was an option of personalizing the box, then this would be a far better product. But, if you’re looking for something simple to put your drive in, this is it.

  3. Ben Hawser

    You can’t choose between colors or personalize them, but they are firm and when you put USB drive in them it looks pretty good.

  4. Kris Pomming

    We ordered USB drives, customized it (as a gift for our clients) and then decided to order these magnetic snap boxes as well, to have something nice to store it in. And it was a great idea! The drives were protected and the whole gift package now looks so much nicer. I only wish they weren’t so plain.

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