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Help build your business one brick at-a-time using a Lego brick USB for your construction or education related organization. This tribute to the world’s greatest building toy features a removable cap and key loop for easy portability. Customers can personalize them with a logo on the back side of the product.

Our Lego USB Flash Drive offers a simple and portable storage solution, all in a fun and functional design. The slender design is perfect for when you need to store into your laptop, tablet, or other small USB-compatible device. The included key attaches to your keys, bag and more, so important files are never out of reach. The portability of a USB flash drive lets you take your digital content with you to share with family and friends. Whether you need to transport your latest music downloads, vacation photos and videos, family or work documents, or your school homework and projects, the Lego USB Flash Drive offers portable storage that you can rely on.

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As with any of our promotional USB drives, you can give us your data to upload up to 500MB of content for FREE.  Choose from a long list of colours to best suit your branding  preference.

Accessorize this product with any of our add-on items for maximum value.

7 reviews for Lego Brick USB

  1. Michael Koster

    In spite the fact they look great, the quality is quite poor…The rubber started to fall apart after a while and the colors started to fade.

    • Emma

      Hi Michael, sorry to hear that you’re not satisfied with our product. All our products are made of durable and quality materials so they should last long enough under normal wear and tear conditions. Although we usually inspect products before shipping, human error can sometimes happen or products can get damaged during packaging or handling. Since customer satisfaction is important to us, we encourage all our customers to try a free sample of product before placing an order if you are unsure. We hope that the next time if you order our products, you won’t have problems like this.

  2. Pete Pawson

    You have great range of colors, quality product but I would prefer if you had bigger variety of memory sizes.

  3. Tina Davidson

    When they arrived, half of their keychain strips were ripped. We settled this with the seller, but I would recommend a different delivery option.

  4. Whitney Simpson

    We decided to go with this promo material for our construction company, because it’s kinda like legos 😀 Anyway, they printed out our logo and this tiny USB drive looks adorable!!

  5. Larry Ippers

    In kids store, these babies sale itself! The kids love it and their parents like the fact that they can use it in everyday life.

  6. Tamara Jister

    Our elementary school ordered these and both kids and the teachers were in love! They carry it around all the time and bring home their homework on them. The USB itself is fast and has a lot of memory space. Also, we printed the name of our school on them so if any gets lost, people know where to return it

  7. David Rissler

    This drive is perfect for gaming stores, like ours. We ordered a lot of these, various memory sizes (and you really do have a lot to choose from) and all the colors that are offered. Our clients were really excited about them. Their design is unique and they can be worn as a tag.

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