Leather USB Drive

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Add Some Luxury to Your Brand

We offer a few leather USB drive models, however none as sophisticated as the Skins flash drive. This premium USB flash drive offer a luxurious look and feel to it. The outer leather strap wraps around the drive’s body, closing with a magnetic clasp which protects the USB connector. The chrome finish of the body provides a quality feel, which will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

The leather flash drive will bring a touch of class to any promotion or marketing initiative.  The best way to personalize this model is to have your logo hot stamped into the material.

Available in 5 colours: white, ebony black, brown, red and blue leather.  Consider one of our premium packaging options to dress up your promotional giveaway.


18 reviews for Leather USB Drive

  1. Robert Byers

    These leather USB sticks look very classy and they work very well. People like to receive these and we give them away to prospective customers. The price was a little higher than I wanted to pay but they have very good impact. I like the choice of colors and memory sizes too.

  2. George Tisney

    With this drives you can have it all – a good price and quality above the standards. The stamp of your logo in the leather looks… I was blown away! I’m placing my second order right away.

  3. Wayne Hart

    I went for the black leather USB drives and they are fantastic.

  4. Lisa K

    These have gone down a storm. We give them away at events and people love them. We went for 32GB in white. Very stylish and would recommend.

  5. Wanda Guston

    I am so thrilled that I found you and your product, this one especially. It is the most elegant USB drive I have ever seen. My clients are amazed with how soft and real the leather feels.

  6. Kenneth

    We received our leather USB sticks on the promised date. We went with the brown leather and 64GB but in hindsight I wish we had chosen a different color because the brown wasn’t as striking as some of the others. The USB sticks were still well received by people at networking events and it is a very good way to get our name out there. I will order again but next time go for the white or black color option.

  7. Danielle D

    I wasn’t sure if the fancy leather and chrome was worth the money but the people receiving these as a gift were very impressed so now I have no doubt that these are the best giveaway items.

  8. Emma Shedder

    But the price is actually affordable. This is really amazing. It enables my customers to get top quality product for a reasonable price.

  9. Roxanna

    When I first saw these leather USB drives on USB Canada I was very impressed. They look even better in real life. The photographs do not do them justice. Our company wanted to impress with promotional giveaways and these are the perfect solution. I decided on the 16GB version and this went down well. I will definitely order again.

  10. Gerry Busser

    If you are attending a fair or organize a conference and you want to stand out, these leather USB drives are trustworthy. The design is sophisticated and they feel like premium product. The capacity itself is amazing, you can have up to 64GB of memory space, but even if that wasn’t the case, I would still buy these drives over any other due to their design and quality materials that were used in making them.

  11. Marie Dunbar

    These USB sticks are made from very high quality leather and they are a fantastic give away gift!

  12. Francis Goster

    It has unique design that is as elegant as it can be. You open them up so easily due to light magnet and the ‘metal’ part of USB is really smooth and silky to the touch. The leather feels like the real deal and the logo that we had them stamp in took the product to a whole new level. Wow!

  13. Paul Inders

    This truly is a premium leather USB drive. You can choose between a lot of memory sizes and you can personalize it by stamping in you logo. It just looks like top class product, so if you need something different, you can comfortably order these.

  14. K Sherman

    It took me a while to decide the color for the leather and I went with red in the end which was a good choice. These drives look great and you can’t go wrong with the memory size options available.

  15. Derek Feperd

    The way this USB drive looks and feels is remarkable. Phenomenal product with affordable price despite the higher end materials used and with leather exterior. I am very satisfied.

  16. Connor Harrison

    Simply a high quality product. These looked great on the website but we were even more impressed when we received them. Thanks guys.

  17. Harry V

    A lot of companies give away cheap gifts and these are never well received. This is why I chose these leather USB sticks. You have to pay extra for the leather but it is worth it. Nice job USB Canada I will be back!

  18. Spring Justin

    What’s not to like about these USB’s? Leather and chrome really look great together. Very stylish give away product.

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