Key Shaped USB

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Custom Key Shaped USB

This key shaped USB model will blend in nicely with any any other key you normally carry with you.  This key however is very different. With its square shape at the top, this drive can easily be attached to any keychain. Furthermore, the Key shaped USB flash drive is a popular selling tool with real estate agents, schools, car dealers and manufacturers as well as with marketing consultants.


These USB keys offer all of the benefits of a traditional USB Flash drive, but with more flair and practical applications. Above all, the Key Shaped USB is created from a single piece of metal for longevity and durability.  It can easily be used to store your promotional marketing material, photos, videos or documents. USB Canada offers up to 500MB of FREE data loading so you can avoid the inconvenience and save time of doing it yourself.  Certainly, the key shape USB can be customized with your logo laser engraved or imprinted on 1 or 2 sides.

For this USB key style you can also select the shell colour from a variety of colours.  The standard finish for this design is polished stainless steel format.  Because it is our standard, as with any USB Drive, we also offer a complimentary virtual proof to make your purchase decision easier.


  • Body: Red, Blue, Black, White, Green, Pink, Silver, or any PMS color  (additional setup fee may apply for PMS matched shell)

Imprint Options

  • Product Size: 2 1/4″ x 1 ” x 1/8″ (57mm x 24mm x 3mm)
  • Print Types: 4-Color Printing or laser
  • Imprint Location: Front & Back
  • Imprint area:
    • Front: 3/4″ x 3/8″ (20mm x 8mm)
    • Back: 1 3/8″ x 3/8″ (36mm x 8.5mm)


Consider one of our premium packaging options to dress up your promotional gift.  Also visit our Facebook Page for more of our latest USB creations to inspire your next promotional campaign.

Minimum Order

  • 50 pieces

26 reviews for Key Shaped USB

  1. Dennis Kayler

    It is a great product – looks good, has a lot of memory space, can be worn as a keychain… But when you take a closer look, you get the feeling that the plastic is just a little bit too soft and could easily break in your pocket. But, all in all, a great product.

    • Emma

      Hi Dennis. Thank you for your comment. We’re happy that you’re satisfied with our Key Shaped USB. Best regards.

  2. Sam Swith

    The product itself s great, all the features are as described. But when the package arrived, it was so damaged that a coulpe of USB drives were damaged too and we couldn’t give those to our clients. Nevertheless, we are satisfied.

  3. Sierra Fedny

    I own a shop that sells a lot of stuff, among other things, USB drives. My customers love this product, it sells like crazy! It’s simple, works good and has large memory capacity.

  4. Anita Ferris

    I love them. And my clients as well.

  5. Jaden Violler

    The design is unique but it doesn’t mean that you won’t get a quality product. The functions and capacity are just like in your regular drive, but it looks way cooler. My customers love it!

  6. Muller Kenneth

    You might think that I was payed to say this, but that’s not the case. I honestly think that if you invest into promotion of your business than you will have a successful firm. These USB keys are my choice.

  7. Robert Madallyns

    They came and are precisely like you’ve described them. Print turned out nice and they came packed very carefully so no goods were damaged

  8. Harper Eli

    They are shaped like a true key for your doors and they are so simple to use! No more dealing with the cap that gets lost, this is a simple design for simple and often use of the product. I was thrilled about the fact that I could personalize it free of charge and put some data on it as well!

  9. Isaac Neverdone

    I did not expect I would find what I needed. But then I stumbled upon your sight and I’m delighted – key shaped USB with big memory size and my logo. Wonderful!

  10. Sandy Heller

    Very nice and quality product. I give you 5 stars.

  11. Mason Averson

    We are an educational facility so we gladly accepted a modern design of flash drives which our students can use. Students can easily use them and wear them as keychains so they can always have them around. Thanks!

  12. Mauricio Foanis

    Good flash drives for your business

    If you are looking for a quality drive for your clients or your employees, this product is for you. I sell cars for a living so I know how important presentation is for the success of your firm. So I advise you to invest in promo material. This one was my choice.

    Mauricio Foanis
    [email protected]

  13. Hannah Gestefan

    My order came a couple of days ago and I’m satisfied. We ordered 32GB size and it works just fine. This is an excellent product

  14. Adam Dawson

    My company rents houses and flats and these USB drives are a way of delivering the newest offer to our potential clients. They look very appealing.

  15. Royce Teppers

    We wanted to give our associates small token of appreciation for our 5 year anniversary and these USB flash drives were a part of that gift set. In real-estate, we are all aware that the presentation does half of your job. So, we thought that these key shaped drives would represent our firm in a perfect manner.

  16. Samuel Johnson

    It has the capacity and functions of your regular USB drive but it looks just like a key! Great realization of a good idea.

  17. Whitnes Erindes

    Due to its great design, this USB drive looks so much alike the real key! Except, this key you can personalize by printing your logo and it can fit a lot of data. Last but not least, the people you give it to will carry it around and advertise your company.

  18. Emilly Dessin

    These key shaped USB drives are a great succes in our shop. People love them and we conduct our marketing through them! Neat 🙂

  19. Macy Angelio

    In car business, there’s no better promotional material then this flash drive, shaped like key. You just ask the information that you wish your client to have to be put on all of them and USB Canada will do it for you! Since the key USB can have your logo printed on, people do your promotion for you just by using it! Superb job.

  20. Zane Dacons

    If you’re in car sale business, like me, this is the perfect flash drive for you. These unusual USB drives are really good and practical, they have great design and can be loaded with substantial data. I ordered them for our clients and they were satisfied.

  21. Finn Speller

    Exactly like described. Print turned out great and the shipment arrived very fast

  22. Griffin Leoshey

    If you are looking for a different drive for your shop and your clients, this product is for you.
    My buyers love it because they can wear it like another key on their keychain and it has a substantial memory capacity. Also, it is quite fast.

  23. William Kestin

    If your job has something to do with houses then this is an ideal promo for you. Its shaped like a key and has a USB inside. You can print your logo on them and give it to your potential buyers. Works great for me and my clients love them!

  24. Calvin Presley

    Order came a couple days ago and it’s very good. We ordered 32GB sizes because our customers prefer larger memory capacity. The colors are great and key-like shape makes it very appealing.

  25. Kevin Bossver

    Good product, but the print is excellent!!! We have ordered same product from three different companies but none have this quality print like you have! Excellent job! We will be back for more!

  26. Teagan Johns

    If your company has anything to do with houses then this is a perfect promo material for you. This key shaped USB comes in a few different colors and is customizable with a print or data that can be uploaded on it. Special design makes it stand out.

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