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For the Adventurer in You

Our Clip USB Drive model is very versatile such that it can easily be clipped onto anything.   Customer can even use it as a key chain to carry your other keys. In addition, this unique promotional carabiner shaped USB Flash Drive comes in a variety of colours.  Furthermore, this conveniently clip is fitted with a push mechanism to use the embedded USB key. We can even personalize it with your logo on 1 or both sides of the design.

Hook Style personalized usb flash drives have a compact full-function design.  Because of this, they make it the ideal match for schools, construction, engineering, and fitness companies. All of our carabiner promotional usb flash drives are made from a reinforced metallic outer layer. This alloy offers the best balance between weight and durability. The unique placement of the USB memory stick contributes significantly to the overall strength of the final product.

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7 reviews for Clip USB Drive

  1. Gloria Prudley

    This product is impossible to use. I don’t know if it is a factory error, but I don’t know how is it possible because the whole order is like that. You can’t pull out the usb drive and you can barely pull the clip so you can clip it on something. Awful!

    • Emma

      Dear Gloria, thank you for your comment. We are sorry that you’re not satisfied with our Clip USB Drive. All our products are designed to be user friendly so we are sorry that you have problems in using our product. Please note that if there is a defect, you can always return it to us. Please contact your account manager and we will work out the details with you. Best regards.

  2. Nathan Elywood

    The idea is innovative. You can’t actually see the USB drive so it looks like any other keychain which makes it a great and useful accessorize. The best part is that you can put your logo and info on it! It would be even better if it was a bit bigger so you can put something other than your company’s name or logo.

    • Emma

      Hi Nathan, thank you for your positive feedback. Its great to hear you like our product. Regarding the shape and size, we encourage you to use our “100% CUSTOM USB”. Its a more creative option where you can dictate size, color, shape and anything you like. Keep that in mind for next time! 🙂

  3. Kevin Lovrenghey

    If you’re into photography then you know that there’s never enough memory for your storage. These drives are amazing cause I can just clip them on my backpack, on my pants or on my keys and I have a sufficient amount of backup memory when I work. And, ofc, you can give them out to your clients cause they fit your logo and contact number on them.

  4. Randy Eller

    I would recommend it to anyone that needs nice looking and useful promotional material or just in need for a handy memory stick.

  5. Larry Grosowitch

    …then order these USB drives! With their unique design, you will surely stand out in a crowd or at a fair and your company will get a great promotional material! Just be sure to order the right size for you and, of course, send your print wishes 

  6. Edward Antroshing

    Design is perfect, no doubt about it. Love its simplicity and how you can order the print and make it your own. The only problem I had with these is the fact that it is a bit tricky to get the USB drive out, at least that’s what my clients say.

  7. Jenny Silleh

    If you asked me how to describe this product it would definitely be – original. It looks like an ordinary, boring keychain that our clients have seen a dozen times. But when you take a second glance you see this little, perfectly hidden USB drive that has remarkable memory size! Everything about it is excellent, thank you so much!

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