Dog Bone USB

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Custom Dog Bone USB

This bone USB Drive is shaped like a dog bone and is great for pet and veterinary services related promotions. The bone shaped usb key is made of impact resistant hard silicone, comes in a variety of colors and can also be color matched to any pantone color (conditions apply).  Customize your bone shaped USB flash drive with your logo imprinted on 1 or 2 locations.

USB Canada offers 500MB of FREE data loading so you can avoid the inconvenience and save time of doing it yourself.  As with any USB Drive, we also offer a complimentary virtual proof to make your purchase decision easier.


Consider one of our premium packaging options to dress up your promotional gift.  Browse our USB Accessories to dress up your promotional gift.  Also visit our Facebook Page for more of our latest USB creations to inspire your next promotional campaign.

Production Minimum: 50 pieces


6 reviews for Dog Bone USB

  1. Amanda Cinings

    This is a disappointing product. At first it looks nice, but mine started to fall apart one week after I started to use it! It began to shed! So now it looks really shabby…. The flash itself works fine, but the looks….

    • Emma

      Thank you for your comment Amanda. We are very sorry to hear that you’re not satisfied with our Dog Bone USB. We work very hard to make every our customer happy and that’s why we offer you possibility to try any of our products for free before you make your order. Since our products are all made of quality and durable materials they should not fall apart soon after using. Products can sometimes get damaged during transportation so please be sure to see if they weren’t damaged upon arrival. If you are unsatisfied, please contact us and we will gladly help you out.

  2. Paul Gandins

    It’s not worth the money you’ll spend for it. The cap is so tight and hard to remove since its hard silicone or something.

    • Emma

      Dear Paul, thank you for your comment. Sorry to hear that you’re not satisfied with the Dog Bone USB. Yes, this USB is made of impact resistant hard silicone which makes it difficult to broke. But despite hard silicone material, this USB is made user friendly so it should be easily opened and ready to use. Please make sure that your shipment didn’t arrive damaged, and if you still unsatisfied do not hesitate to contact us. Best regards.

  3. Emma Quessis

    The drive is very good, you can choose between various space sizes, but the silicone that the bone is made of is very weird. It seems like it’s going to fall apart any minute! And the print disappeared after like 10 days.

  4. Kimberly Fisher

    I got this at my favorite pet shop and it blew my mind! So cute and useful! I might order it for my Dog Lovers Association too!

  5. Amy Dunkinson

    We are a veterinary station and got these as a promotional material. It couldn’t be more perfect, honestly! Looks and feels great, we got them with our pricelist uploaded and the logo looks amazing! Thank you USB Canada for such a cute product.

  6. Loren Kelvinstone

    Our pet shop ordered these to promote our catalog to our clients. They love it, we love it, just dont leave it around for the dogs to eat 😀

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