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Glass Bottle USB: A New Innovative Promotional Glass Jar Flash Drive

There is nothing as useful as USB storage devices. These flash drives are small in size yet powerful. A lot of data transferring is done through USB flash drives. These USB flash drives are more frequently used in schools, colleges and work places. USB drives have become so useful that companies are now making it their promotional item. These drives are not only durable but also economical. Twister and Classic USB flash drives are the most commonly used models in industry. However, some new innovative designs are also liked by clients such as Glass Bottle USB.

The glass bottle USB flash drives consist of a glass bottle that can be customized with a written message or logo and a wooden USB cork. Despite being made from true glass with an embedded cork USB key, the glass bottle USB is a high quality style flash drive that leaves a great impression. Often used by photographers, the glass bottle drive provides an excellent creative option to more traditional flash drives. With these stylish glass bottle USB flash drives you get an option to customize the cork and the glass bottle both. You can print your logo on the sides of the glass and write a welcome message for the client/customer. You can even laser engrave your logo on the top surface of the cork. These small glass bottle USB drives look great and the design is catching attention everywhere.

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