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USB Drives – Unique and Useful Promotional Item

Selecting a perfect item for effective brand promotion is a necessity and businesses need to give a deep thought to it and have good understanding of their target audience to select an item that will meet their promotional purpose as well as prove useful for their customers too. When it comes to promote your brand name among your target customers, one thing that stands out with much flair and panache is the customized USB flash drives. It is a tech-savvy and ideal alternative of business cards that not only enhance brand awareness among people but it also provides them with a highly useful and easy-to-use storage device. The immense demand of this tech-gadget among the businesses for promotional purposes has brought several companies dealing into USB drives with customization facilities.

Besides choosing a USB drive of their preferred design and shapes, the other aspect that requires much attention of businesses is the messages, which they wish to convey to their customers about their company and brand. In addition to shape and designs the material with which it is made up of also speaks much about the brand and the company. Like a USB drives made up of leather or pure steel emphasize the luxury and a wooden or bamboo drives emphasize the environmental concern of the company. It order to keep the organization in their customer’s thought, companies need to put some thought while selecting a USB drive for brand promotion.

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The All New Promotional USB Flash Drives Cost Next To Nothing

USB flash drives are one of the best ways to store and carry your important data files on the go. Anyone can easily move his data files from one system to another through these USB flash drives. Moreover, you can also use these in booting or formatting your system and backing up important software. These have found their application and practicality in almost every field, and that’s why these are being used in promotional marketing. USB flash drives are proving as a great choice for promotional item because of their usability and versatility. These drives are reliable, durable and easy to use.

A promotional product should be useful to the people and these should be joyful to receive. Traditional products like pen, notepad and bags have become very common now. No one wants to receive such promotional items rather they would feel excited to receive something useful as USB flash drives. It’s so tiny that it can be kept in pocket or attach to key chain easily. These are very economical and cheap, you can easily find a reliable dealer that can manufacture USB in bulk at affordable rates. There are manufactured in various shape and sizes for example key chain USB, twister USB, paper clip USB and business card USB.

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Promotional USB Flash Drives: A Glance at Classic Models

Since its arrival in the technology age, USB flash drives have been transformed into many shapes and sizes. For example, key chains, credit card, wristband, key shapes, custom objects and much more. However there’s nothing as simple and sobering as a classic USB design to enhance your branding experience. Classic USB flash drives are the most used storage drives of all times. These are typically of two types: Twister USB flash drive and Classic Style USB drive.

Twister USB drives contains a metal clip, which you can easily pivot, making it impossible to lose a cap like most standard USB styles. The good thing about these drives is there is no cap to lose, its convenient, durable and best of all economical for any budget. The pivoting metal clip displays your logo on one or either sides while providing a powerful and effective storage device for the clients. While the Classic Style USB drive is simple yet sophisticated and has a loop built into the shell casing to attach any accessory. The shell casing is constructed of hard plastic. Like Twister USB model, your logo can be imprinted on either side of the drive to best suit any promotional project. Both models are easily available in different storage options at very economical pricing. You can even purchase them online through a trusted dealer.

Request a Quote today and see how affordable this branding solution can be for your next promotional event.

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Promotional Money Clip USB Flash Drive – Personalize With Your Logo

USB drives are one of those promotional items that are useful, economical and long-lasting throughout the time. These little storage devices are not only able to provide high-performance, better usability but also enough space to carry your data on the go. These are available in different type of models like twister, classic, wooden crystal, key chain USB and much more. A new addition to this family is Money Clip USB flash drive that looks like a paper clip with a USB head on the top. The Money Clip USB flash drive can be used not only as a paper clip but also to market your company brand at the same time.

Rather than handling over reports or presentations to clients with a standard paper clip, you can give them something more. This Money Clip USB can easily be attached to any document or handout. These Money Clip USB drives are available in different storage options ranging from 512 MB to 8 GB. Store your promotional documents on the key, then use built-on clip to attach it to a business card of folder. You can also personalize the exterior shell of the USB clip by choosing from variety of colors: black, blue, red, white and standard silver.

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Glass Bottle USB: A New Innovative Promotional Glass Jar Flash Drive

There is nothing as useful as USB storage devices. These flash drives are small in size yet powerful. A lot of data transferring is done through USB flash drives. These USB flash drives are more frequently used in schools, colleges and work places. USB drives have become so useful that companies are now making it their promotional item. These drives are not only durable but also economical. Twister and Classic USB flash drives are the most commonly used models in industry. However, some new innovative designs are also liked by clients such as Glass Bottle USB.

The glass bottle USB flash drives consist of a glass bottle that can be customized with a written message or logo and a wooden USB cork. Despite being made from true glass with an embedded cork USB key, the glass bottle USB is a high quality style flash drive that leaves a great impression. Often used by photographers, the glass bottle drive provides an excellent creative option to more traditional flash drives. With these stylish glass bottle USB flash drives you get an option to customize the cork and the glass bottle both. You can print your logo on the sides of the glass and write a welcome message for the client/customer. You can even laser engrave your logo on the top surface of the cork. These small glass bottle USB drives look great and the design is catching attention everywhere.

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Promotional Pens or USB Drives – Which One makes best Promotional Item

Pens have always been used as a corporate gift in many IT or non-IT companies for a long time. However, these are now being used as promotional gifts too, it’s because these are useful and nobody refuses to keep a pen. On the other hand, promotional USB drives are a great tool to give out at conventions, conferences, and even within the office to get people and employees interested in your product or service. The highlight of the USB drive is that it is reusable and highly customized. You can save your important files, documents and transfer data from one system to another as well.

Depending upon their usability, it’s difficult to say which one makes best promotional item for a business. In fact, it solely depends on the nature of the business. Many non-IT companies that are low on budget can use pens because it would be more economical and cheap. In contrast, USB flash drives can be used in all sectors. These are way more practical and functional compared to pens. With the availability of computers in every household, USB drives have become more popular and important storage device. Indeed, pens are too useful and handy but these are more prone to loss and no body will care. Whereas, a user will be more careful with his USB drive because it contains important data. Therefore, it is suggested to choose promotional USB drives rather than pens, it will not only boost up your sales but also makes consumers happy.

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Top 3 Promotional USB Flash Drives That You Can Use

USB flash drives are one of the most used storage devices in corporate and educational fields and hence these drives are making their way in promotional products. These USB flash drives are not only durable, useful but also easy to carry. You can even customize these USB flash drives as per your requirements and needs. So, if you are looking for a way to get your business in the forefront of your customer’s mind, then promotional USB drives are a great way to get you that much needed exposure.

Although promotional USB drives come in different varieties but here are three models that are frequently used by companies. The first one is Twister USB, these are the best selling USB drives of all time. There is no cap to lose, its convenient, durable and best of all economical for any budget. The second is USB Paper Clip flash drives, these are discreet, versatile and economical too. It can be used as a paper clip to hold your papers or to attach it to your pocket, wallet and promotional handouts. The last one is Key-Shaped USB, this model will blend in nicely with any other key you carry with you on your key set, only this key is very different. The Key Shaped USB flash drive is a popular selling tool with real estate agents, schools, car dealers and manufacturers as well as with marketing consultants. You can easily select any one of these models and start promoting your business.

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Top 3 Frequently Used Promotional USB Flash Drive Models

Promotional USB flash drives are increasing in demand due to their application and usability in almost every field. From education sector to corporate sector, these USB drives are not only useful but also indispensable. Most of the companies as well as individuals are opting for promotional USB drives in order to promote their business. Following are three frequently used promotional USB drives models that are not only economical but also reliable and durable.

1. Classic Style Promotional USB – A classic style promotional USB comes with a cap. It’s simple yet sophisticated appearance has a loop built into the shell casing to attach any accessory. Your logo can be printed on either side of the surface. These classic style USB drives are economical, reliable and one of the most simplest form of USB models.

2. Twister USB Flash Drive – It is one of the best selling USB drive of all time. There is no cap to lose, its convenient, durable and best of all economical for any budget. The pivoting metal clip displays your logo on 1 or 2 sides, while providing a powerful and effective portable storage device for your clients.

3. Aluminum USB Key – The compact and sleek styled thumb drive is no bigger than the size of your thumb. It is fitted with a key loop hole, it’s the perfect size to be attached to your key-chain accessory or printed lanyard. With its unique metallic case that fully protects the USB connector, metal USB can be custom screen printed or laser engraved.

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Promotional USB Drives – A Sure Way to Get Your Brand Noticed

There is nothing better than a promotional product to get your brand noticed. Offering an item for free not only impresses the customers but also encourages them to opt for your product or services. The trend of branding a company through promotional products has been there since a long time. Pen, notepad, bag etc. are some common items that are being used right now however, few electronic gadgets like USB drives, mp3 player, headphone etc. are also making their ways in promotional marketing. Out of these items, the one that is more useful, functional and practical in nature is USB flash drive.

This storage item is used for saving your digital files, documents and media data on the go. These are small in size, easy to use and comfortable to carry and are used in almost every place like education industry, health industry and corporate industry because of their functionality and usability. You can choose from a variety of available models like twister USB, wooden USB, paper clip USB, credit card flash drives etc. These are cheap, economical and you can easily print your logo and brand name on their surface. A person using the promotional USB is consciously or unconsciously promoting your brand and this is why these are considered a sure way to get your brand noticed.

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Why flash drives are the most effective tool of promotion among youths?

Today’s young generation is fond of using cool gadgets. They are technology geek, always progressive and ready to explore new things. For a business that targets such audience, it is necessary to keep above facts in mind. Promoting your brand among students and young scholars requires thorough research of promotional product. However flash drives are one of those items that have always been loved by everybody. Using flash drives as promotional gifts has not only given companies a chance to connect with youths but also increase their user base. The company’s name and logo is printed on promotional USB flash drives so that it is always visible to everyone. Moreover these USB drives are available in different shapes and sizes. Key shaped USB, twister USB and USB bracelet are few popular models.

The reason why these USB drives are so popular is Usability. A USB drive is a multi-purpose storage device. It can be used to store important documents, transferring of data from one system to another and for backing up of information. These can also be used for booting operating systems and media storage and marketing. Students find it very helpful in storing their project reports, presentation and study materials on the go. The USB flash drives are easy to carry and use. Considering its usability and applications, one can easily say that USB drives are one of the most effective tools of promotion.