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USB Flash Drives – Significant for Individuals as well as Businesses

USB flash drive has come a long way since its inception and is much more than just a portable hard drive. Whether you have to give a presentation in your office or wish to store thousands of photographs in a portable storage device, the USB flash drive is the modern version of a scrapbook that let you accomplish different tasks with ease and simplicity. In addition to its use on daily basis, primarily for transferring and sharing files from one device to other, this small yet powerful handheld device can also be used to lock and unlock computer, install operating system, use it as RAM, run portable apps and keep files and data safe. The multiple use and long-lasting feature of the USBs are making it adored and preferred by great number of people.


Due to its amazing functionality and practicality USB flash drives are not just preferred by the individuals but are also greatly used across offices and corporate. Giving the freedom and flexibility of carrying one thoughts and ideas, business personnel can easily store vital data, presentation as well as information for clients meetings and conferences on these USB drives. Besides business use, these drives can also be creatively used for effective brand promotion. USB drives of innovative design imprinted with business name and logo are sure to leave a lasting impression on the target customers and clients. Today many technology based companies are utilizing this highly useful tech-gadget for promoting their business and brand.

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Try Stylish and Trendy Fidget Spinners as a Promotional Product

Fidget spinners are the latest and hottest trend in the technology world and everybody is loving these spinners. These have become popular because of their appeal among all age groups. Anybody who is old enough to hold and spin the gadget can be entertained, as well as enjoy the calming effects that it has. The spinner has a simple design and is modern and exciting to use, and the many models that are created can help make your toy personalized too. Considering it’s popularity and craze among people a lot of companies are making fidget spinners as their primary promotional item.

It is human nature to fidget, so these little toys are an easy outlet for all the stress, anxiety, and boredom that you might experience. Moreover, gifting something that is trendy will please the clients/customers. The company’s logo can be printed on the bearing so that it becomes visible all the time. The best thing about using fidget spinners as a promotional item is how personalized you can make them. These toys come in different materials, shapes, colors, and sizes, and there are hundreds of choices to pick from. Indeed, the fidget spinners are the most economical and entertaining method to catch your customers attention.

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Promotional Power Banks: A Mobile Phone Accessory That Can’t Be Overlooked

Promotions are considered as one of the safest methods to brand your organization/company. There are ways to start your promotional campaigns but it takes courage to truly get to where you wanted. The only ideology to get succeed in promotional product is picking up the item that matters to customers. Pen, notepad, key ring, mouse pad are some common products used in promotional marketing. However these items are not much successful today as these were once. At present, people love to receive accessories and gadgets that’s the reason why most companies are now selecting their promotional items accordingly. One such accessory is a mobile Power Bank.

With a power bank, you are able to enhance the experience of people who own smartphones. Now they can leave the house without worrying if they have a full battery or low battery. They can charge anywhere and anytime they want. Having such features, the power banks offer security, reliance, and value to smartphones. This highly useful promotional product helps you achieve your promotional objective as a business. You can buy these promotional power banks online, as there are tons of suppliers that help you get the job done. Personalize with your company logo, tagline and distribute among your customers and let it builds your brand well.

Request a Quote today and see how affordable this branding solution can be for your next promotional event.

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Wood USB Flash Drives – The Stylish Promotional Item

Promotional USB flash drives are always good choice, not because these are useful and economical but environment friendly too. These wood USB flash drives are available in many models for example the most popular WU1 model. Moreover, you can customize it as per your needs and requirements. That is the reason these devices are quite popular as promotional item. Using USB drives already saves paper, but when you choose a wood USB drive model, you can help offset your impact on the environment even further.

These Wood USB drives have a magnet on the inside of the cap to keep it firmly in place while not in use. With the use of trendy craftsmanship, these wooden USB drives add natural richness to your branding. These are great for trade industries, health spas, photographers and other hospitality businesses. You can easily engrave your name, logo, address and other details on the surface. Available in storage options from 128 MB up to 256 GB, these Wood USB drives offer all the benefits of a traditional USB flash drive along with more flair and practical applications.

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Replace your bulky Wallets with Trendy Custom Cell Phone Wallets

It is said that you can judge anyone’s personality by their wallet, the way they keep their money and cards it all speak for a man’s personality. Even though there is not much to carry but there are still some essentials, which are needed by people and they need a traditional wallet for that. Keeping some extra cards and cash could make your wallet bulky and nobody likes to carry a bulky wallet. To overcome this situation you can replace your traditional wallet with new fancy cell phone wallets. These cases will combine the wallet with a case for your phone. You will have all your useful stuff in one place.

There are lots of people who forget where they have placed their wallets but remember their phones. The primary advantage of using a cell phone wallet is you will always be attentive towards your phone as well as wallet and vice-versa. It will also help in protecting your phone from wear and tear. Custom phone wallets are discreet, compact and can hold the essential cards you need instead of your entire wallet. These wallets are made up of silicone or leather and are strong enough to hold your items. Custom cell phone wallets have one more advantage over traditional cell phone wallets i.e. you can use them as promotional products too. You can print your company’s name and logo and gift it to your clients. So you should go and buy these trendy custom cell phone wallets from a reliable supplier.

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Significant Features of Flash Drive that makes it Highly Popular among All

Flash drives are small devices that can store several gigabytes of data and prove invaluable for work, study and play. This storage device has come as a great alternative of CDs, DVDs and floppy disks. These earlier used storage options do not guarantee easy and immediate access to the data because it depends whether the computer system has a CD or DVD reader or not. The stored data on the CD or DVD can only be accessed on a system that has CD/DVD reader. Considering all these aspects, it can be said that flash drives are superior as these do not require a separate drive and can be plugged into any USB port. Thus, data accessing and data transferring is no more a hassle as users can easily do these tasks with the help of flash drives.

Some of the noteworthy features of flash drives include:

Durable – Flash drives are designed to be durable and are able to withstand daily wear and tear and are also made scratch and shock resistant. The drives are designed and built in such a way that these can bear the abuse that comes with frequent use and can serve the users for much longer period.

Useful – Compared to other popular promotional items, flash drives are hugely popular among the people of all ages. The usefulness of this storage device is the prime reason for its popularity among all. With customized flash drives, recipients not just know about the brand or the promoting company but they are also receiving invaluable tool, which they can use to store their vital data or files.

Portability – With unique designs and easy portability, the flash drives can be easily carried in a pocket or wallet. Besides, with storage facility people can save their vital data or files on these flash drives and can carry it along wherever they go, thereby keeping their vital data and information along with them. Moreover, whenever they will use the drive in front of other people the name of the company imprinted on the flash drives will come into notice, thereby giving a good brand promotion of the distributing company.

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Wooden USB Drive – Ecofriendly Giveaway offering highest return on investment

Wooden USB drive is an innovative publicity strategy that effectively promotes brand, products or services of the company and keeps them in the forefront of their prospects’ and clients’ minds. Such carefully selected promotional gifts having regular use keep reminding the recipients about the company, which has gifted them such useful and practical product. Wooden USB drives embossed with company’s name and logo or containing some vital information related to the company will help businesses to create a lasting impact on their clients and customers.

The wooden USB drive is perfect for environmentally conscious companies, especially when they are trying to send an environmental message across their clients and customers. Made from light wood that is sourced from responsibly managed forests, the USB made of wood is not only an eco-friendly item but also look impressive and innovative, making a positive impression about the company. These drives can be branded by printing full color or by laser engraving to impart an elegant and stylish look. The fine grain finish of the wood USB along with attractive designs, make the USB a highly preferred promotional item.

Companies giving away the wood USB drives are not just giving away the physical logo branded product but they also have the option of delivering some digital content on the USB drives like catalog or price chart of their products. Thus, these USB drives have a great impact and effect on the recipients than any other promotional items like pen or mug, which just have company’s name or logo imprinted on it. Besides, the USB drives are much more durable and long-lasting compared to other items so it will be retained by the recipients for a much longer time, thereby reminding them about the gifting company.

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Why custom USB flash drives are popular as promotional products?

When it comes to the selection of a promotional product for your business, its effectiveness and credibility must be accounted. You will find lot of promotional products in the market like paper bags, apparels, groceries etc. but, your selection should be based on your target users. For a company that has users of every age group, it becomes very confusing to choose a right promotional item. To ease this confusion custom USB drives have emerged out as one of the effective promotional products for all the users. USB flash drives are small storage devices used to save important files. These are small in size thus easy to carry and use. It is one of the convenient mediums of exchanging data from one computer to another. USB drive finds its application in almost every area and this is the primary reason why custom USB flash drives are getting popular as promotional product.

Custom USB flash drives come in different shapes and sizes. With choice of various storage options you would never run out of memory. Some popular models of custom USB flash drives are key shape USB, twister USB, paper clip USB and business card USB. You have options to customize and personalize your USB drives. Moreover, you can print company’s name, logo, contact etc. on the drive and gift it to the clients. Additionally, you can also include brochure, introductory videos in it. These customized USB drives also available in various attractive colors at very affordable rates.

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Fidget Spinners Soaring in Promo Popularity

custom fidget spinners

By John Corrigan
Published in Promogram

Reinventing the wheel has led to fidget spinners becoming a highly profitable viral sensation. Marketed as a comforting aide for those with ADHD and anxiety, the mesmerizing spinning widget, made in a variety of shapes and designs, has captured the imagination of children and the wallets of their parents. On Amazon, 18 of the top 20 best-selling toys and games are currently fidget spinners, and in the promotional products industry, suppliers are hustling to meet the demand.

“The fidget craze is happening everywhere – at every show I attended in Asia, every booth had endless versions of design, quality, pricing and functionality for this fidget frenzy,” Scott Pearson, executive vice president of Top 40 supplier Logomark (asi/67866), told Counselor earlier this month. “Although the original design has been around for years, these spinners are now flying off the shelves at 7-11s and will saturate the promotional market over the next six months.”

Since February, there has been exponential growth (4,064%) in ESP keyword searches for the words “fidget” or “spinner.” There were 226 searches in February for “fidget cube,” a desk toy consisting of buttons, dials and switches that was the result of a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $6.4 million. Searches increased 762% to 2,153 in March, and jumped up 337% to 9,411 in April.

“In general, the fidget spinners have done very well and Prime immediately committed to millions of units of inventory and versions for customers,” says Jeff Lederer, CEO of Top 40 supplier Prime Line (asi/79530). The company has traditionally sold fidgets of all sorts including the Tangle, Rubik’s cube and Promopopper as part of its Fun Zone by Prime collection. But with the help of social media, through which teachers have complained about the product’s distracting presence, this current iteration has burst into the mainstream consciousness.

“Any time there is a new product to be excited about, we are happy,” says Jason Robbins, CEO of Top 40 distributor ePromos Promotional Products Inc. (asi/188515). “We see the spinner craze as an exciting opportunity to meet the needs of our large customer base and generate new clients by being a knowledgeable provider.”

Chris Faris, president and CEO of Boost Promotions (asi/142942), says that he has been working on several large projects related to fidget spinners over the past few weeks. “We have been supplying them to our corporate and retail clients,” Faris says. “The retail clients buy hundreds of thousands at a time. Some of their suppliers haven’t been able to get them, which opened up the door even more for us.”

According to data management and analysis firm 1010data, the amount of online sales generated by fidget spinners in April was 55 times greater than the product’s total sales in January. Between January and February, the search volume for “fidget spinner” across major retailers like and quadrupled. By the end of April, “fidget spinner” had more than 25 million searches.

“The way I see it,” Robbins says, “stress balls had a huge run, and I believe spinners with a similar price point and size have the potential to have a long run.”

Request a Quote to order your custom fidget spinners at USB Canada.

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Interesting Ideas for Using USB Flash Drives as Promotional Products

The beauty of using USB flash drives as a promotional product is that they appeal to most people. They have obvious utility and high perceived value that help companies to generate quality leads. Also, their long usable life ensures that the company keeps getting branding impressions for a long time. Due to these benefits, it’s not a surprise that they are one of the most popular promotional products. Let’s discuss some ideas that businesses could use to make these USB flash drives better promotional tools.

Tour & Travel

Use a promotional USB flash drive to provide information about the popular tourist destinations that you cater to. Give information about the various package details and special offers that you are offering to new clients. To stand out from the competition, you could also use custom designs like an airplane USB key.

Real Estate

In place of using brochures and flyers for promotions, try using USB flash drives to stylishly provide information on the locality, prices, and amenities available in an area. This will create a good impression on the prospective buyers and they will remember you whenever they’ll use the flash drive. A USB flash drive in the form of a key or house will definitely ensure that you are not lost in the bunch of flyers and brochures that the prospective buyers have got from the other real estate agents.

Sports & Fashion Accessories

When it comes to style, custom USB bracelets and wristbands are one of the best promotional items. They are available in several mesmerizing colors and provide more space for branding than the regular USB flash drives. They are also great promotional items for charity events, musical concerts, and sports events.