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Some popular promotional USB drive models in the market

Many companies are using USB flash drives as their promotional product. It is one of the most used promotional tools in the market. The reason behind the popularity is its usability, cost-effectiveness and adaptability. A USB flash drive is not only used for storing data and information but also for transferring data from one system to another. Apart from storing and exchanging USB drives are also used in booting operating systems, backing up and application carriers. These devices are highly popular among students and working professionals. Reviewing its benefits, USB flash drives are definitely a good promotional product.

Promotional USB flash drives or sometimes called as custom USB drives are available in different shape and sizes. Key shaped USB, twister USB, paper clip USB, wood USB, business card USB and crystal USB are some of the popular models used in the market. A twister USB is the best-selling of all time and liked by working employees. Key shaped USB blends in nicely with any other key you carry on your key set. This is highly loved by students and working professionals. Paper clip USB and business card USB models are used in corporate world. Wood USB and crystal USB models are quite elegant and attractive in looks. You can easily print your company’s name on these USB models and include your company’s brochure to promote your brand and business among your potential and existing customers.

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Fidget Spinners Soaring in Promo Popularity

custom fidget spinners

By John Corrigan
Published in Promogram

Reinventing the wheel has led to fidget spinners becoming a highly profitable viral sensation. Marketed as a comforting aide for those with ADHD and anxiety, the mesmerizing spinning widget, made in a variety of shapes and designs, has captured the imagination of children and the wallets of their parents. On Amazon, 18 of the top 20 best-selling toys and games are currently fidget spinners, and in the promotional products industry, suppliers are hustling to meet the demand.

“The fidget craze is happening everywhere – at every show I attended in Asia, every booth had endless versions of design, quality, pricing and functionality for this fidget frenzy,” Scott Pearson, executive vice president of Top 40 supplier Logomark (asi/67866), told Counselor earlier this month. “Although the original design has been around for years, these spinners are now flying off the shelves at 7-11s and will saturate the promotional market over the next six months.”

Since February, there has been exponential growth (4,064%) in ESP keyword searches for the words “fidget” or “spinner.” There were 226 searches in February for “fidget cube,” a desk toy consisting of buttons, dials and switches that was the result of a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $6.4 million. Searches increased 762% to 2,153 in March, and jumped up 337% to 9,411 in April.

“In general, the fidget spinners have done very well and Prime immediately committed to millions of units of inventory and versions for customers,” says Jeff Lederer, CEO of Top 40 supplier Prime Line (asi/79530). The company has traditionally sold fidgets of all sorts including the Tangle, Rubik’s cube and Promopopper as part of its Fun Zone by Prime collection. But with the help of social media, through which teachers have complained about the product’s distracting presence, this current iteration has burst into the mainstream consciousness.

“Any time there is a new product to be excited about, we are happy,” says Jason Robbins, CEO of Top 40 distributor ePromos Promotional Products Inc. (asi/188515). “We see the spinner craze as an exciting opportunity to meet the needs of our large customer base and generate new clients by being a knowledgeable provider.”

Chris Faris, president and CEO of Boost Promotions (asi/142942), says that he has been working on several large projects related to fidget spinners over the past few weeks. “We have been supplying them to our corporate and retail clients,” Faris says. “The retail clients buy hundreds of thousands at a time. Some of their suppliers haven’t been able to get them, which opened up the door even more for us.”

According to data management and analysis firm 1010data, the amount of online sales generated by fidget spinners in April was 55 times greater than the product’s total sales in January. Between January and February, the search volume for “fidget spinner” across major retailers like and quadrupled. By the end of April, “fidget spinner” had more than 25 million searches.

“The way I see it,” Robbins says, “stress balls had a huge run, and I believe spinners with a similar price point and size have the potential to have a long run.”

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Three Important Factors that Influence Any Promotional Campaign

Promotional marketing is an excellent method of increasing brand visibility. If you are on a tight marketing budget but want to get the same results as you’ll get from the expensive marketing strategies, then try promotional marketing. Let’s discuss three critical considerations that must form the base of any promotional campaign.

Promotional Budget

As with any other marketing effort, the allotted budget decides the products and activities that you will use throughout your campaign. There are different types of promotional products that are used for specific purposes. Cheap promotional products are used for mass distribution only as they serve the singular purpose of quick brand visibility without providing any significant utility to the recipients. Then there are promotional products with high perceived value that also provide high utility such as USB flash drives. These products are given with the purpose of increasing brand visibility and generating quality leads.

Place of Distribution

It’s imperative to identify your target demographic and the places where you are most likely to find it. Though such targeting is not essential for mass distribution at a trade fair or an exhibition, but using a promotional item like a USB flash drives would demand that you know your target demographic beforehand. For example, if you are in the business of apparels and fashion accessories, then rather than going to an IT fair, try a fashion event for generating better leads.


It’s imperative to provide quality promotional products to the recipients even if they are meant for mass distribution only. The is due to the reason that recipients often compare the quality of the promotional products to the quality of the company’s products. Hence, low quality promotional merchandise will reflect badly on your brand image. Make sure that you buy high utility products like USB flash drives from trusted sellers only to create a positive brand impression on the recipients.

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Motivate Your Clients with Promotional USB

Motivate Your Clients with Promotional USB

A survey conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) revealed that more than 75% of all people receiving promotional products during the course of a given year had no difficulty whatsoever recalling the advertiser’s name shown on the product. The same survey showed that well over half of those same people actually then did business with the advertiser.

This makes it very clear that there can be tremendous benefit to supplying clients and would-be clients with free materials that promote your company’s products or services. It’s even more effective when you can supply that kind of broad group of potential customers with a device that’s extremely useful, and which virtually everyone uses, such as a promotional USB flash drive.

Why USB flash drives are so useful

Practically everyone who works in an office setting, or who owns some kind of computer or laptop, has need of copying, transferring, and storing data. There is simply no more practical and convenient way of accomplishing any or all of those tasks, other than by using a USB flash drive. For one thing, the actual drive is extremely safe, and protected by an outer casing (which is where your company brand name would be advertised), and it’s very convenient because the drive is coupled with a universal serial bus (USB) connector that makes porting to computers easy.

To extend the convenience concept, these handy little flash drives are sized so that they can easily fit in your shirt pocket, your trousers, or secured to a key chain, so you can’t possibly forget to bring them with you. Not to be overlooked among all these terrific attributes is the storage capacity of a good USB flash drive, with drives now available that can store 64 GB of data and more.
Customize USB drives for your clients

Customization brings in a great deal of versatility into the picture for USB drives that you provide to your clients for motivational purposes. You can make it the most affordable version of a drive, with standard capacity and coloring, a protective cap, and a clear representation of your company name and/or logo. If you really want to motivate potential clients to consider you as a business partner, you can opt more toward a higher-end custom USB drive which has a swivel top (no cap needed), two surfaces for your company name to be printed or engraved, special highlighted coloring, and mega-capacity storage.

Effective advertising

As mentioned at the outset, providing clients and potential clients with promotional USB flash drives can have tremendous payback for your company, because they are objects likely to be used and viewed numerous times by their grateful recipients. In effect, that frequently refreshes your company name or logo in the minds of recipients, and at times of their choosing, not through unwanted sales pitches coming at them through various marketing channels. It’s really a hard promotional package to beat – a very useful device provided free of charge, offering great performance, and constantly reminding the user of the business or company which gave it to them.

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9 Promotional Items to Consider Using in Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

direct mail promo items

If you feel like your mailing results are on a downhill slide, you may need mix things up a little bit. Now is the time to send out a mailing that is really different with some effective promotional items.

One of the most critical aspects of your direct mail campaign is getting prospects to open and read your message. Unlike email campaigns, where you can actually track the number of people who open your message, it’s impossible to determine exactly how many times your direct mail piece is opened. However, there are proven ways to make your letter or package more attractive. Using a creative piece that stands out and attracts your prospects is one of them.

It’s surprising what the post office will let you to mail. Really, you can mail things like coconuts and bottles without putting them in a box! Just slap a mailing label and stamps on them. And when it comes to things that you do put in a box or envelope, the sky’s the limit. (I’m not kidding, you can even mail bees!) Use the right messaging on the outside of the package, and people will eagerly open it to get what’s inside.

Of course, there are postal restrictions on things like harmful materials, firearms, tobacco products, and alcohol. But if you’re just mailing some fun items you shouldn’t have a problem. Still, it’s always a good idea to check with the post office while you’re still in the planning stages of your direct mail campaign to avoid any nasty (and expensive) surprises.

There are companies that specialize in producing imprinted promotional products that you can easily incorporate into your direct mail campaigns. If they are useful and clever, people will keep them long after they toss the original letter, and will be reminded of you every time they use the product. If you can somehow tie in the gift item with your business or the theme of your campaign, all the better.

Consider using promotional items in your next direct mail campaign.

1. Imprinted objects. You can imprint your logo and contact information on a variety of everyday objects. For example, you can send printed magnet cards with some kind of useful reference information(like measurement converters). And people can always use bookmarks. You can make the bookmark even more valuable by putting a ruler on the edge, and making the whole thing a magnifier. Imprinted pens are another very popular promotional item. Even with all of today’s technology, people always use pens and like getting them free. If you’re a dentist you can send a toothbrush. A dry cleaner can send a lint brush. You can use copy like “make customers stick to you,” or “measure your success,” or “make your mark,” or “clean up your act” to tie in the gift with your business.

2. Microfiber products. Microfiber cleaning cloths for electronics make a highly valued gift. Imprint your name on the item tag, and use copy about “clean up your competition.” Or what about a microfiber sunglass pouch? This is something your prospects will really use.

3. Seasonal items. Take advantage of the season. For example, in the spring send imprinted seed cards or sunflower-shaped jar openers. Near the holidays send collapsible bows or other gift packaging. Is football season coming up? Sports schedules make great gifts to the right group of prospects.

4. Calendars. Did you know that the average home has four calendars? Or that most business people have two to three calendars within easy reach of their work area? According to research people refer to calendars four or five times a day. That means they could potentially be reminded of your name and your contact information four times a day, for an entire year! And people will appreciate receiving them since otherwise they’d have to go out and pay money to buy calendars. Your imprinted calendar provides continuous, ongoing advertising for many times less than you’d pay for a daily newspaper ad (that your prospect might not even see).

5. USB Flash Drives. These are surprisingly inexpensive, and they are very impressive. Put your sales message on a flash drive, and just out of curiosity prospects will plug them in to see what you have to say. Or send a blank drive they can put whatever they want on, and if they send it to someone else, you’ll get double the mileage on your mailing.

6. Power Banks. With most people using mobile or portable electronic devices to work or keep in touch, a promotional power bank makes a great giveaway item.  Chances are, you yourself have run low on batteries while out on the go, so this handy backup battery sure comes in handy & makes a well appreciated promotional item if you have a $8 or more budget to present your marketing message.

7. Food gifts. A fun idea is to send some kind of food item, like a fortune cookie, some home made chocolate chip cookies, some jam, and so on. Make sure the item is professionally wrapped and labeled, and that you don’t send anything perishable.

8. Product Samples. Do you sell artificial turf? Send a sample. Do you do custom cabinetry? Send a sample of your high quality materials. Use your imagination.

9. 3-Dimensionals. If you’re willing to try something really new, you can follow marketers who mail out fun pieces that recipients have to assemble themselves, or can fold into a toy. How about a message card that changes color in the light? Or one where the message magically appears when you hold it under running water? You may have to do some research to find a vendor who can create something like this for you, but it will certainly get noticed.

Making sure your envelope gets opened. 

If you’re going to the expense of putting something appealing inside your direct mail package, make sure your prospect knows there’s something exciting inside. That means putting that message on the envelope:

  • The most obvious thing is to clearly state “Gift Inside!” or “Labor Saving Device Inside!” or “USB Inside!”
  • Make sure the envelope feels bulky. Just that can make it irresistible to some people.
  • Use interesting, eye-catching postage stamps. First-class stamps give more legitimacy to your package. For “decoration” you can buy cancelled stamps and/or foreign stamps in bulk from a stamp dealer.
  • Put seals, official stamps and other interesting graphics on the envelope.

Putting together a direct mail campaign costs money. If you can do something to get your recipients from throwing your money in the trash before they even open the envelope, you can make the most of your investment. The ideas we talked about here should help. But do research your prospects so you know what will appeal to them. You don’t want to send something that will not be appealing, that doesn’t make sense, or worst of all, may be offensive.

Then, as always, test your results. Do the returns you get from your “creative” campaign justify the extra cost and effort? If they do, keep up with it. If they don’t, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on it altogether. Maybe you just haven’t found the right formula. Keep trying new ideas and testing the results.

Don’t be afraid to try some of these promotional products as creative ideas. They could very well help create more business for you!


Inspired by CRAIG SIMPSON – Entrepeneur online