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Promotional USB Flash Drives: A Glance at Classic Models

Since its arrival in the technology age, USB flash drives have been transformed into many shapes and sizes. For example, key chains, credit card, wristband, key shapes, custom objects and much more. However there’s nothing as simple and sobering as a classic USB design to enhance your branding experience. Classic USB flash drives are the most used storage drives of all times. These are typically of two types: Twister USB flash drive and Classic Style USB drive.

Twister USB drives contains a metal clip, which you can easily pivot, making it impossible to lose a cap like most standard USB styles. The good thing about these drives is there is no cap to lose, its convenient, durable and best of all economical for any budget. The pivoting metal clip displays your logo on one or either sides while providing a powerful and effective storage device for the clients. While the Classic Style USB drive is simple yet sophisticated and has a loop built into the shell casing to attach any accessory. The shell casing is constructed of hard plastic. Like Twister USB model, your logo can be imprinted on either side of the drive to best suit any promotional project. Both models are easily available in different storage options at very economical pricing. You can even purchase them online through a trusted dealer.

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Custom USB Flash Drives – Still a Hot Commodity

Promotion is one of the market strategies adopted to get your brand noticed. Almost each and every company or individual needs to promote their products and services. Promotion can be done by any means such as media advertisements, promotional products etc. Media advertisements include banners, TV/Radio ads and internet promotions whereas promotional marketing includes free-giving promotional items. Some common promotional items are pens, notepads, apparel, etc. But now technology is getting advanced, so people will perfectly reflect their preferences in promotional products buying decisions. People are still loving useful gadgets like custom USB flash drives.

These tiny, little yet powerful storage devices are the new popular promotional items in the town. USB flash drives are durable, reliable and economical too. These are extremely useful in transferring data from one system to another in absence of network. It can also be used as a backup drive to save your important data/documents. Twister, paper clip, business card, key chain USBs are some common models. You also get an option to customize your USB as per your requirements. These are manufactured in storage range from 512 MB up to 256 GB. Print your logo on their surface and distribute among your clients/customers. Promotional USB flash drives are an item that save both time and money and can be reused time and time again.

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Surprise your Clients and Customers with amazing Custom USB Drives

It is often seen that attendees of conference, promotional campaign and trade shows are inundated with goodies and giveaways that are seldom carried to home or if carried also, these items get dumped into any corner of the house. Thus, to breathe new life into trade shows and promotional campaign, companies should try some innovative and savvy moves to add some swagger into their promotional campaign or trade shows. Besides the swag bags and coffee mugs that are usually given away at promotional event and trade-shows companies should consider going digital and must hand out custom USB drives with access to apps and graphics. The custom USB drives available in variety of innovative designs with the option of imprinting company’s name and logo, not just prove an innovative concept but practical too because today USB drives are used by everyone.

Custom USB drives are commissioned pieces that are specifically built and designed to impress large section of customers. This exclusive and innovative gift will surely help businesses in impressing their existing as well as potential clients and making them loyal towards their brand. Every company uniquely designed USB drives to giveaway to their specific clients and customers so it turns out to be a distinctive piece that will not be commonly available. These drives can be made from variety of materials and in any 2-D or 3-D shapes as per the choice of the company distributing this item. The uniqueness in their design help USB drives to stand out amount the hundred of promotional products. Most of the time businesses select a shape and design that in some or the other way is related to their brand having company’s name and logo imprinted that consistently reminds recipients of the gifting company and keep them loyal to the brand.

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USB Wristbands and Bracelets – Easiest and Innovative way of Carrying Data and Files

Keeping your files and data with you was never so easier than with USB bracelets and wristbands. These ideally technologically advance storage device has turned out to be a great product used for promotional purposes across different domains. The USB bracelets and wristbands resonate with younger generation and hence these are ideal for schools and universities, where students can use these bands to flaunt their style as well as to keep their important files and data always with them. The bracelet USB drive is also a great item to be given away during festivals as well as cultural events, as these drives can be pre-loaded with vital promotional material that will serve as souvenirs for recipients.

Other areas where USB bracelets and wristbands can be effectively used are seminars and conferences, where organizers can store promotional materials and presentation on the drives to distribute among the participants. This is not just the end of the use of USB wristbands but is can serve as perfect souvenir for any kind of group event for sharing vital information among all the attendees. Made with soft touch silicone, these drives are highly durable and functional and give good scope of customizing these bands with company’s name, logo or any other message or information, which they wish to communicate to their existing and potential customers.

With enough printing areas, the wristbands allow to print tagline or website across the band and the company’s logo on the clasp. There is good scope of innovation and creativity making it ideal to be used for different types of promotional stints.

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Plan a Successful Marketing Campaign with Custom USB Drives

Tech savvy businesses are quite proficient in tapping best results from their marketing campaigns and they do this by concentrating on few vital factors like extensive market research, understanding customers’ personas and by effective brand awareness technique. All these factors greatly emphasize on the fact that in order to get ahead of the competition and to strongly dominate the market, businesses prefer using custom USBs as the ideal promotional item that completely redefine their promotional stint. The significance of custom USBs in promotional campaigns has been realized by businesses, as these are known to grab customer’s attention with their distinctive designs and great practicality.

At promotional events and tradeshows, custom USBs are often the prime attraction simply because these technical gadget stands out from other hum drum promotional items like pens, balls, hats or mugs. Today there are several companies that have brilliantly used little ingenuity to create custom shaped flash drives for innovatively representing their brands. Even if the recipients have no immediate needs of these drives, then also they can keep this useful device for any future use, because no one can simply deny flash drives use at some or the other point in their life. The durable and long-lasting flash drives can be used for quite a long time thereby reminding the recipients about the gifting company.

USBs are not just used personally but people also give it to their friends or relatives for sharing some vital data, files or photographs. Thus, there are great chances that the company or the brands will get promoted to a larger customer base than expected. With more and more people sharing the USBs for transferring of files or data, the business is expected to be promoted among the much wider audiences and customers.

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Why you should choose custom USB drive for your business promotion?

USB flash drives are widely used in corporate world, schools, colleges and medical institutes. A USB flash drive is a multi-purpose storage device that is used for secure storage of data, application and software files, personal data transport, booting operating systems, backup, and media storage. The availability of inexpensive flash drives has enabled these to be used for promotional and marketing purposes, particularly within the technical and computer-industry circles. The main advantage of using USB drives for business promotion is that these drives are useful for all age groups.

Custom USB flash drives are available in different shapes and sizes. Few popular models are key shaped USB, twister USB, crystal USB and paper clip USB. The storage option varies from 256MB up to 32GB. There is sufficient amount of space provided to engrave company’s name, logo and other details on the USB. You can also include company’s brochure and short video/presentation demonstrating past works and achievements. These promotional USB drives come in different attractive colours and designs. You can purchase these drives through a reliable custom USB dealer at wholesale rates. Do not forget to ask for the warranty of the product, as it will help in hassle-free replacement of defected pieces.

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Custom USB Bracelet – The most effective gadget to promote your business among students

Everyone knows the importance of USB flash drives in his day to day life. USB flash drives are the most convenient and easy way to exchange data and information from one computer to another. These are also used to store important data files and documents. These custom USB flash drives are one of the most effective and affordable promotional tools. Many companies are using it to promote their business and brand among different age groups of customers. Custom USB bracelet is one of the types of promotional USB flash drive. These are highly used in promotion among students. These are affordable and very attractive to use.

These custom USB bracelets become highly effective if you are targeting users like students and teenagers. In schools, colleges and universities, students have to prepare presentation, projects and reports. They use USB drives to store their data and files. Giving away USB bracelet flash drive not only leaves a good impression on them but also increases your customer reach.

The USB slap bracelets are made from a flexible spring steel band covered in a highly durable, soft rubberized silicone material. The flexible, spring-steel band lies flat and rigid until you slap it onto your arm or wrist and hence students find it easy to carry with them. There is ample of space provided on the bracelet to print your company’s name and logo. So just try these attractive USB bracelets once and give your business much required boost.

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Create Promotional Products that Reflect Your Business with Custom USB Flash Drives

Promotional marketing is all about creating a lasting impression on the recipients so that they consider the company’s products (or services) when they have to make a buying decision. The most effective way of doing this is to use promotional products that are easily relatable to your own business. For example, if you are in the real estate business you could use a customized promotional item like a custom USB flash drive in a shape of a house or a key. Similarly, travel companies could use a custom USB flash drive in the form of an airplane. These promotional merchandise could easily reflect your line of business and help recipients to retain your brand for a longer time than usual.

At USB Canada, we have a highly experienced team of creative designers and consultants that could realize even the most challenging of USB designs given by our clients. Please visit, to see some of the many custom USB flash drives that we have made for our clients. We can work with different types of materials for offering full customization of these USB flash drives. Some materials that we commonly work with include wood, metal (aluminum), silicone, plastic, and rubber. Once you have given us a rough idea of what you want, our team of creative designers will produce 2D and 3D renderings to closely match the final product.

Over the years we have been able to maintain quick turnaround times on our custom USB flash drives. To request a quick quote for the design you have in mind, please CLICK HERE.

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The USB Canada Advantage

According to marketing statistics, custom USB flash drives provide more return on investment than any other souvenir. Companies spend thousands of dollars on marketing each year and all of this money is spent to create brand awareness and loyalty. Ultimately the goal is sales but for some companies the goal is brand exposure to customers.  Many have understood this and chose to be loyal  to the USB Canada advantage.

Calendars, magnets, bags, wearables – these are just a few of the overused promotional products that promoters often turn to. There is one item, however, that thousands of marketers are using for its proven, repeat performance – that item is the customized USB flash drive.

When Canadian marketers, small businesses, or corporations decide to create a custom flash drive, there’s one service provider the keep coming back to, USB Canada.

As one of the industry’s leading USB creators, USB Canada has long-standing relationships with specialized vendors, and access to unique services that other promotional product manufacturers simply don’t offer.

If you’re thinking about working with a USB drive manufacturer, consider the many benefits of choosing USB Canada:

1 – We are a one-stop USB shop. We design, engineer, manufacture, package, and even distribute custom USBs directly to your customers.

2 – We work with clients in a variety of industries: from music to education, to healthcare, marketing to direct mail, and everything in between.

3 – Our clients can choose color printing or laser engraving to feature their logo or brand name on a custom flash drive; or, they can Go BIG, and design a completely unique custom USB of any shape and size, in a variety of materials.

4 – We are more than just a USB manufacturer. Our expertise extends far beyond our mastery of all things USB. We can produce custom powerbanks, bluetooth speakers, earbuds, lanyards and much more.

5 – Our clients can choose to incorporate data services on a pre-loaded USB flash drive.

6 – Our customer service exceeds clients’ expectations every step of the way. We guarantee fast delivery, easy work processes, 3D renderings, and physical prototypes – ensuring that you get the best product possible with minimal road bumps.

7 – We’ve worked with big companies, Universities and marketing agencies like Canadian Tire, Boston Pizza, Mazda Canada, Bombardier, Starbucks and many more, yet we provide even our smallest business clients with the same level of stellar customer service and design.

8 – We can create exact replicas of licensed products and corporate branded products. We’ve manufactured custom USBs in the shape of guitars, fish, bullets, poker chips, tools, boats, planes, trains, automobiles, cameras and more. We have proven time and time again, that no one in the industry can come close to our level of design and engineering.

Put the odds in your favour and experience the USB Canada Advantage. The innovative pioneers of customized flash drives at USB Canada are standing by to help you fulfill your next promotional product order. Like the thousands of marketers before you, we promise you’ll experience unparalleled customer service and unmatched design and creative services. Just give us a call!

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Top 5 Benefits of Promotional USB Keys

Promotional merchandise influences purchases and repeat exposure to a brand has a positive effect on how business people react to that brand. Promotional USB keys remain a smart choice for promotional giveaways, but how much do you really know about these compact storage devices? Here are five fast facts about promotional USB drives and how they can benefit your business.

1. A Custom USB drive can store tons of data. Their capacity is measured in bytes. For example, a single gigabyte (GB) is roughly a billion bytes, which translates to roughly 200 songs, 500 e-books, 250 x 10 megapixel photos or one standard-definition, 90-minute video (MP3).

2. Promotional USB drives are versatile and dynamic. You can use them to get any kind of document, photo or video directly into your customers’ hands. It’s a lot simpler than handing them a ton of papers, a heavy catalog or a stack of CDs. USB drives can provide many add-ons and options depending on what your project requires: data loading, web redirect, locked-in data, specialty packaging, etc.

3. Custom USBs are compact and portable. Roughly the size of your finger, and weighing less than an ounce, promotional USBs can easily be transported in a bag or even in your pocket. They are normally not very fragile and can withstand a certain degree of abuse when you either drop or sit on one. Certain models are even waterproof, shock proof or fire proof with various hard shell exteriors made from reinforced rubber or metal casing.

4. Promotional USB keys provide quick access to content. The larger the flash drive, the faster it can normally transfer data. In today’s age where technology is so prominent, why should we have to wait to view information? The fastest USB drives (USB 3.0) can reach speeds of up to 100MB/second. Speeds often vary depending on a number of factors: the user’s computer speed, the type of USB drive and how much data is loaded to your USB to name a few.

5. Custom USBs are built to last. Most flash drives are engineered to last about 10,000 writes, but some are good for a whopping 100,000 writes. As for the number of reads, there’s virtually no limit, so a custom USB drive can keep your company name around for years – USB Canada actually back up this fact with a lifetime warranty.

Tip: Anytime you need to distribute information to employees, customers or prospects, load it on a custom USB key. Its user friendly, reduces paper waste, cuts your printing costs and recipients will see your company name every time they use the key you gave them